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Shaving tools traversed most of ancient history. Until the European Industrial Revolution, metallurgical technology emerged, and the first old razor was officially launched. This straight razor has been used until the 20th century. Today, barbers also use this razor to shave hair as we can see in some old barber shops.
Later, the “T”-shaped double-edged safety razor with replaceable blades become active on the market. Soon afterwards there were replaceable multi-layer blades, and disposable razors. For each replaceable blade holder, there is a corresponding non-replaceable disposable razor.

So how did the ancient men shave?
The history of human shaving – Ancient Part

In ancient Egypt, hair was considered shameful and unclean. Men, women and even children must shave their hair and wear special wigs that are both breathable and block sunlight. How did people shave at that time? Of course, using the most primitive tools, stones, flints, shells, or other sharp things, shave the whole body’s hair with these not-so-sharp instruments. It’s unimaginable how painful it is for us modern people.

Contrary to the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks kept beard. For them, the beard symbolizes masculinity and wisdom. Shaving other people’s beards was a crime at the time and it would be fined and even jailed. No beard is considered shameful, so “shaving” is also considered a criminal law. During the reign of Alexander the Great, beards were not popular. Alexander the Great even ordered the soldiers to shave their beards in case the soldiers were caught by the enemy in freehand matches and were at a disadvantage.
In the following period, there appeared a kind of bronze shaver that was very similar to a modern razor. As the process has improved, people have begun to create razors with copper and iron that are not dull easily.

In order to distinguish from the “cousin” ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans shaved beards.
Share another interesting knowledge: How to identify whether a sculpture is Greek or Roman? Male with bearded are Greek sculptures. without bearded are Roman sculptures. Females, those who wear little clothes are Roman sculptures, and those who naked are Greek sculptures.

Shaving is more and more common in medieval Europe, but it is also very troublesome. To reduce pain, soaps are often used to soften the beard before shaving. At that time, soap is a scarce and expensive item. Cheap soap is made of lye, which can irritate the skin when shaved. Because of tools not sharp enough, shaving was not clean, but also very painful. If scratched skin by accident, it might be infected. In the absence of tetanus treatment, this can be fatal.

After the division of Christianism into Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity in 1054, bishops of Western churches encouraged the clergy and believers to shave and distinguish them from Judaism and Muslims. This difference can still be seen nowadays.

Most of the ancient Chinese people kept beards. Affected by the Confucianism, people believed that the body, hair, and skin were all granted by the parents, and did not dare to damage them. It was the beginning of filial piety. Beard and hair can not be arbitrarily destroyed, but daily pruning and combing is allowed.

When was the modern shaver invented? What are the evolutionary processes that have gone through? Let’s move to the next part.

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