1 blade disposable razor supplier WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is engaged in producing single blade razor, twin blade disposable razors and 3 blade disposable razor for men and women. Founded in 2009, today it has grown to a medium size manufacturer with more than 160 employees, 20 set plastic injection machines, 10 sets automatically assembly systems, 4 sets packing machines to meet the annual output of 150 million pieces disposable razors. Our disposable shavers are mainly sale for fast moving consumer goods wholesaler, hotel guestroom amenities supplier, personal care distributor, supermarket and hypermarket supply chain etc.
There are many types of shavers, mainly divided into electric shavers and manual razors. The electric razor has a complex structure and high performance requirements.
Manual razors mainly classify into traditional straight razors and safety razors made of metal alloys, as well as modern common plastic razors.
Today we introduce several new models that are compact and exquisite, they have a big difference structure from the common razors on the market.

1.Paper Cut Razor
This Paper Cut Razor, a paper disposable razor designed by Nadeem Haidary. It is easy to degrade and truly environmentally friendly. The razor is made entirely of a recyclable waterproof paper, including multi-layer blades. It can be used like any other disposable shaver and can shave your beard without worrying about scratching your face.

2.Ring – Shaver

This design was jointly designed by the Chinese college students Qin Xiang, Qin Yin, Ge Yiyan and Sun Xinxin and won the Red Dot Concept Design Award in the year of 2010. The inspiration for its design comes from the fact that most men are often unconsciously touching their chin. The razor is a small, circular, tubular design with a three-layer mechanism. The outer layer is a filter, the central layer is the blade, and the inner layer is a rechargeable battery. It can be used directly on the finger, probably using the principle of “back force”. When you shift the switch on the side, the flywheel inside the razor can rapidly rotate to provide the power needed for shaving, so no electricity is needed. Compared with traditional razors, ring razors have the advantages of small size, portability, ease of use, and energy saving.

3.Finger shaver-Naughty Minds
Designed by Chan Jeon, Heo Susun, Im Sungjin, Kim Sungeun & Park Cheolyeon. Two rings are for two fingers grip to quickly shave, compact and lightweight, suitable for those who are often on the go. Rubber material of inner rings, comfortable and stable grip, the blade can also be replaced. It won the 2013 Red Dot Concept Design Award.

4.Car razor

This product is designed by Guo Jiahong,a designer from Taiwan, and is a conceptual product manufactured by a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and convenient carrying. The shape is like a card, it’s only 3mm thick. The shaving can be completed through a simple operation, and the assembly and disassembly are easy. This razor can be placed in the wallet like a bank card when not in use.

As a disposable razor manufacturer, will plastic disposable shaving razors be replaced by these new concept razors that are easy to carry and environmentally friendly? We get a good deal of pressure. In any case, before that, we will be happy to provide wholesalers, distributors and bulk buyers with cheap and high-quality disposable razors. Do contact us for more information today.