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Today let’s pay attention to 2 news in the retail industry.

– The e-commerce market in India will reach 32.7 billion U.S. dollars this year

According to reports, as more and more young people use smart phones and conduct online shopping, the growth rate of the Indian e-commerce industry this year will be ranked third in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a report released by eMarketer, a market research company, the retail sales of E-commerce in India will increase 31% this year to $32.7 billion.

eMarketer said that with the increase in Internet penetration, by 2022, the Indian e-commerce industry will be worth 71.94 billion US dollars. In contrast, the 2017 Goldman Sachs report shows that China’s online retail industry is expected to increase from the current 17% to 25% by 2020.

One of the reasons why Indian e-commerce has grown so rapidly is the development of industry giants. E-commerce market leaders such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm Mall have expanded into new areas, such as grocery products. At the same time, the growing number of smartphones and Internet users in India, as well as the country’s growing youth population and expanding middle class, have increased the number of online shoppers. eMarketer forecast analyst Eric Haggstrom said that India’s e-commerce is booming, thanks to more and more Internet users and increasingly cheaper smartphones, both of which have changed the network and mobile applications.

eMarketer expects that by 2018, a quarter of India’s population will become online shoppers, and by 2022, the proportion of online shoppers will increase to 41.6%. Since 2015, the e-commerce market in India has more than tripled, but there is still a long way to go. Up until this year, the retail sales of E-commerce in India accounted for only 2.9% of the total retail sales. Compared with other developed markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the share of e-commerce is still very low.

-Google invests 550 million U.S. dollars to become the shareholder of JD strategic cooperation

Jingdong Group and Google announced on June 18 that Google will invest JD in 550 million U.S. dollars in cash and the two parties will form an extensive strategic partnership. According to the agreement, Google will receive 27,106,948 newly issued Jingdong Class A common stocks at an issue price of US$20.29 per share, equivalent to US$40.58 per ADS (American Depositary Shares), which is the weighted average price for the first 10 trading days. Google and Jingdong will cooperate on a series of strategic projects, one of which is to develop retail solutions in various regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe.

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