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Investigation from women, they have something to say about men’s body hair.

  • Men’s Eyebrows: The most arbitrary hair in ladies eyes
    Historically, in East Asian countries, men used to shave their natural eyebrows and used ink to draw it. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, men were more masculine, instead of painting, they shaved their eyebrows by a sharp knife. As of today, in they survey, 13% of men said they would trim their eyebrows, and women’s tolerance for disorganized eyebrows was extremely high.
    In fact, most men do not consider to trim their eyebrows. Since they are not as fast as the beard grows, they are often overlooked. If a male friend trims eyebrows regularly, 55% of women do not care, and 11% dislike.
  • Nasal hair: women say you better not grow.
    For groups with thrive nasal hair, Some people’s hair is lush and even too long will extend beyond the nostrils, therefore, the nasal hair trimmers were born. In the investigation, a large proportion of 31% of women said they could not tolerate nasal hair growing too much and too messy.
    As the “curtain” of the respiratory system, many men without knowing themselves have excessively filtered their own respiratory system and let the nasal hair grow wildly. When confronting women, make the other side embarrassing. Of course, in modern society, men become more considerate and thoughtful. There are already 23% of men who have pruned their nasal hairs after beards shaving.
  • Legs hair: Man with leg hair is a real man
    Only 5% of men said they shave their legs. 25% of women said they could not tolerate the densy leg hair of men. Another 24% women said that soft and neat leg hair can be a symbol of male beauty. Come on, ladies, you are so unstable, what should men to do? Men’s long-leg hair is caused by hormones. Women think that men are sexy because of dopamine. Hormones are not dopamine.

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