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How was tattooing re-emerged from being forbidden?
After the rise of Christianity in the 1st century AD, tattoos were banned in all parts of Europe, but this trend is still preserved in the Middle East and elsewhere. When Europeans came into contact with Native Americans and Polynesians in the Americas during the expedition, tattoos were again found among these peoples. Influenced by the Polynesians, the tattoo stores for the seamen of European and American sailors appeared in many port cities around the world.
From the 16th to the 17th century, Western sailors brought New Zealand’s colorful tattoo culture to Europe. The first seafarer who brought a tattoo back to Europe in 1691 was known as the “prince of tattoos,” and he had a total of 338 tattoos on his body.

In 1891, the first electric tattoo machine was patented in the United States. The United States became the origin of new tattoo designs. In particular, after the spread of tattoo drawings from the United States, the theme of sailing life, military content, patriotism, romantic sentiment, and religious enthusiasm have been standardized throughout the world.

In the 19th century, criminals from the United States were tattooed when released, and British deserters were tattooed. Later, the prisons in Siberia and the detainees in the Nazi concentration camps were also marked. In the late nineteenth century, men and women in the upper classes in the UK used to have tattoos.

After the First World War, the tattooed-people were mostly women in order to commemorate the loved ones lost in the war, was generally marked by birds, butterflies, red roses, or the names of loved ones.

In the 20th century, members of street or motorcycle gang often use tattoo designs as markers. In the early 20th century, the style with ethnic characteristics has gradually disappeared. Tattooing has been extinct or disappeared in most parts of the world, except for special medical uses or the exception of European, American and Japanese tattoo types, which were the subject of renewed interest in the 1990s.
Today, everyone can choose to use a quick, hygienic and painless technique to tattoo. In the popular tattoo trend, the old theme, the symbol of love and warfare are still the most popular, but the painful tattoo ceremony is no longer there.

Tattoo is accompanied by the history of human survival and development. Regardless of the motives of the tattooee to choose the body as their carrier; regardless of whether the tattoo is viewed as the original mystery or the current “alternative” fashion, we cannot deny that the inheritance and development of this ancient art, hidden behind it is human praising of life (body) miracles and worship of nature.
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