2 blade disposable shavers are the most common and popular plastic disposable shaving razor. It has smoother shaving experience and longer working life than single blade razors; compare with 3 blade disposable razorstwin blade razor is cheaper but little difference shaving experience. Twin blade disposable razor is the main product of WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company, According to the customer’s needs, our double-layer shaver can be made into single blade or triple blades while retaining the same handle design.

Production process of disposable razor Ⅱ—-razor blade cartridge assembly

In the previous article, we learned about the production of plastic handles and plastic parts of razor blade cartridges. Before we introduce the assembly process of razor head, we come to understand the components of the cutter head. Take the most common 2 layers disposable razor as an example, we call the connected part to the the handle side “bottom cap”, from the bottom up successively are bottom cap, blade 1, central flake, blade 2, upper cap, and protect cover.

  • The automated assembly system consists of three plates with downward spiral construction, a blade assembly station and conveyor system.
  • Bottom caps, upper caps, and protect covers are put into 3 plates individually.
  • The blade assembly station has 3 pillars that can be moved up and down. blade 1, central flakes and blade 2 are loaded into 3 pillars individually.
  • There are detection devices between pillars to ensure that the components are accurately installed in place.
  • The conveyor system is distributed among the devices to ensure that the components are transferred in an accurate and efficient manner.

The system starts working:
1) The first assemble part is the “bottom cap”, which is sent to the first device on the assembly workbench with the corresponding recesses. It goes through a detection device, then go to the bottom of the pillar that holds the “blade 1”. The pillar pushes the blade down onto bottom cap;

2) After passing through a detection device, the device with “bottom cap” and “blade 1” is sent just below the pillar loaded central flake . The central flake is pressed upon “blade 1” and transferred to the next detection device;

3) Followed by the third pillar equipped with “blade 2”, and then to the detection device;

4) The plate with the “upper caps” has already sent cap in place, after detecting blade 2, the upper cap finally added to the top, the entire razor cartridge complete assembly;

5) Next, the razor cartridge is conveyed linearly to the extension line of the blade assembly station. On the other side, the plate loaded protect covers also pushes the cover in place. There are usually a couple of covers placed side by side.

6) The blade cartridge is pushed into the first cover, behind which there is a pushing device moving back and forth. When moving forward, the finished razor head is pushed into a pre basket, and when it is moved backward, it’s ready for pushing the next set of razor head. For more intuitive information, please refer to the video material https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0FZAUy8Id8&feature=youtu.be&a=

Twin blade disposable razors supplier WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is founded in 2009, with 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 set assembly systems and 4 sets packing machines, we supply disposable shaving razors to fast moving consumer goods dealers, supermarket , hypermarket, beauty supplies wholesaler, hotel guest room amenities etc. For more information, please contact us any time, we will be more than happy to serve for you.