2 blades disposable shavers in bulk wholesaler, looking for direct factory, don’t forget to join us. Wangli Shaver Manufacturing Company has engaged in manufacturing single blade, double blades and triple blades disposable shaving razors. Founded in 2009 with 15 years industry experience, more than 160 workers, 10,000 square meters plant, 20 set plastic injection machines, 10 set automatically assembly work stations. 4 sets packing machines and annual output up to 150 million sets.

As a manufacturer of disposable razors, the question we often get asked by new clients is that which kind of disposable shaver should I purchase more suitable for our market? On this issue, let’s talk about it briefly.

There is no doubt that the quality of the blade is at the core of the manual razor, especially for plastic disposable razors, which are inherently inexpensive. For example, the prices of a twin blade disposable razor. Different blades material lead to a price gap of even up to 30%. Selecting the right product is very important for the wholesaler.

If the request is not too high, only one-time use is required. Such as sauna centers, bathing rooms or other public bathing places. For health and hygiene reasons, most of the guests will not reuse or share the razors. So, cheap carbon steel blades is enough for these market. But for medical consumables and tattoo supplies wholesalers such industries require higher, it is recommended to choose stainless steel blade;

For star hotels guestroom amenities supplier, personal care dealers, supermarkets or hypermarkets, the normal stainless steel is very popular. Such razors can usually be reused for dozens of times, and the price is very reasonable;

Higher-end changeable cartridge plastic manual razors are matched to High-grade stainless steel. The price of such products is expensive accordingly, and the annual cost of normal use for a man with common density beard is about the same as that of a middle-to-low-end electric razor.

Regarding the number of blades,two-layer blade in the disposable razor is undoubtedly the best selling product. Our double-layer stainless steel disposable razor covers almost all sectors of the non-food low-value consumable supply chain, whether it is a personal care distributor. convenience store suppliers, or hotel supplies dealers are all repeat purchasing oftenly, showing that the 2 blade stainless steel shaving razor has strong demand at the terminal.

Single razors are very suitable for wholesalers of medical consumables and tattoo supplies, and some promotion or closeout suppliers are also in good sales.

3 blade razor is more inclined to personal care distributors and large supermarkets supply chain.

Above, it is a few experience from Wang Li Shaver which has been in the production of disposable razors for many years. We hope that it is helpful the wholesalers and suppliers. To learn more about our product information, please feel free to contact us.