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Tips of manual razor usage
1, Not clean enough
After shaving, many people touch the skin with their hands to see if they are clean enough, but often they will find that there are some beards lack of shaving, which will destroyed the overall effect of shaving.
Solution: For more thorough shaving, it is recommended to use a manual razor. Pay attention to apply the shaving foam or shaving gel. After cleaning face with a cleansing lotion, apply a hot towel to the beard area for 3-5 minutes. This make pore fully loose, and the beard get softened, then use shaving foam or gel, gently spread the beard area and massage to make the foam fully, and then begin the shaving procedure.

2, Red spots appear on the chin and neck
If there is a red dot on the chin or neck after shaving, it is usually because the shaving preparation is not enough, the beard is hard, and the beard pulls the pores during the shaving process, causing the root capillaries to burst and bleed.
Solution: Before shaving, be sure to fully soften the beard and keep the razor blade sharply. The dull blade must cause the pores to tear and destroy the hair follicles. If the red dot has been formed, the best method is patting face toner or after-shave containing alcohol by hands. Do not use a medium such as a cotton pad to avoid blockage of the skin or hair follicles.

3, Accidental injury treatment
During the process of shaving, occasionally scratching the location of acne or uneven skin are inevitable. Don’t be nervous about that, handle this problem as following methods.
Solution: First wash off the shaving cream on the face with water, and rinse the wound. At this time, you can use your fingers dip with household soap to clean the wound gently, wash the wound with a small amount of foam, then rinse it, and then dry the face clean by the face tissue. Don’t use a towel to wipe your face, because the bacteria and dust will remain on the towel.

4, Dry skin or burning pain
After shaving, if the skin has a dry or burning sensation, it is usually caused by improper operation of the shaving process or insufficient preparation before shaving. In addition, the use of products that cause dry skin tension or allergies and emollient maintenance after shaving can also cause dry skin or burning pain.
Solution: Fully moisturize the beard before shaving and choose a shaving foam or shaving gel that suits your skin conditions. The difference between shaving foam and shaving gel is that the shaving cream has rich and delicate foam, fully adheres to the surface of the beard, lubricates the skin, reduces the irritation of the razor head and promotes the opening of the whisker scales.

5, Beards reverses into the pores
Due to the improper shaving method, in a very accidental situation, due to the hair follicle strain, there is a situation in which the roots grow laterally and even reversely grow into the pores.
Solution: If you encounter this situation, do not squeeze your pores with your fingers. At this time, you can use the silver needle that picks up the acne to pick out the reverse growing beard and remove it. Then wipe and clean the skin with alcohol or water.

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