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Three-bladed disposable shaver is an entry-level razor in the high level shaver. They are usually characterized by a pivoting head to adapt to facial contours. With the increase in the number of blades, more skinned, smoother and cleaner than single and double blades, but the more blades, the more expensive, the more difficult to maintain, and the easier to breed bacteria and damage health.
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How to find reliable sources and supplier in China (Ⅱ)?
When choosing a manufacturer, wholesalers and distributors should first consider their own network channels and their own available social resources. According to the actual situation, to check their existing channels or to create new channels and whether you want to choose the strength of the manufacturers matches, and whether the manufacturer’s products are suitable for the needs of the local market. It’s not necessarily have to choose large manufacturers, it is important to choose the manufacturers that meet their needs, have a certain strength, just like “Properly matched marriage”.
Therefore, dealers should adhere to such a basic principle when selecting cooperating manufacturers: the best for themselves! What kind of partner is the best? In general, dealers, especially those with less power, are in a relatively weak position. Therefore, the choice of manufacturers should be very cautious.

Several suggestions to consider and judge your partner.
1. what is the reputation of the manufacturer? This is the premise and foundation for cooperation between distributors and manufacturers. In the market, the most important and the most deficient is “honesty”. If the manufacturer is not creditworthy, the interests of the dealer can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the distributor must put the “reputation” of the manufacturer in the first place.
2. What is the basic situation of the manufacturer? History: inspect manufacturer’s time of establishment to verify manufacturer’s market competitiveness. Products: inspect the manufacturer’s product quality, packaging and other product indicators to verify the competitiveness of the products. The above items can be understood by the marketing personnel of the manufacturer, and all kinds of documents and profiles, company websites and so on can be a way to understand manufacturers.
3. Is the manufacturer provide qualified product? Is it suitable for market needs?
Distributors and wholesalers should have three echelon suppliers:
The first echelon (the first choice factory): about 2 suppliers, must be reliable and loyal manufacturers, and support you whenever and wherever you want.
The second echelon (backup manufacturers): about 3 , they can replace the first tier manufacturers at any time and anywhere, and develop into the first tier.
Third echelon (supporting suppliers): to meet the needs and special needs of their target customers, and make up for the shortage of your products and services.
Distributors are the main force in marketing, and manufacturers can’t break away from them, but only the best and most powerful resources are transported and supported to them to complete the manufacturer’s goal. But dealers have no products themselves, they have only their own channels and networks (in fact, the following terminal stores are actually not really their own), so they have to rely on the manufacturers, with the aid and support of the manufacturers, they can gain growth and development.
Therefore, for dealers, whether they can make money or not, the key is to choose a good cooperative manufacturer or strategic partner. “How far you can go depends on who you are walking with.”

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