3 blades disposable shaving blades agent, distributor and wholesaler provides male and female disposable razors in 1 blade, 2 blade and 3 blade layers. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company founded in 2009, is a medium-sized disposable razors factory in the industry. Our products are good sale for Italy, France, the U.S, Middle East, Malaysia, Africa, Russia and other countries globally. ISO qualified factory covers an area about 10,000 square meters, more than 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 set automatically cartridge assembly workstations, 4 sets packing machines to meet the annual production capacity of 150 million pieces disposable shavers.

Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -Ⅴ
Application of AI in Retail Industry – Smart store forecasting and marketing decisions

What else can artificial intelligence do in the retail area? For example, what role to play in the shop site selection, sales promotion?
In the past, how to select the site for new retail stores, how much it will cost, how many people can be covered, how much can be sold, etc. All these decisions are based on human experience. But in today’s high-tech artificial intelligence era, these can be predicted through precise machine algorithms, and this predictive power can subvert the traditional operating model in the retail industry, resulting in greater commercial profits.
For example, if you want to open a coffee shop, you need to know how many coffee shops are nearby and the corresponding spend power surrounding. How many of these people are target groups and how to associate feature features with people’s characteristics.

Contrary to the traditional analysis model, in the past, decision-making models could only include a small number of indicators. However, now machine learning can analyze more than 200 indicators at the same time, complete the analysis of multiple indicators and the complex relationships between them, and achieve things that traditional methods cannot achieve. Not only has the quantity increased, there has also been a qualitative leap.

In the United States, a predictive model based on machine learning and clever algorithmic mechanisms can now deal with the comprehensive evaluation of commercial data in 11 cities, tens of millions of POI geolocation data, as well as population, transportation, housing prices, consumption, etc. flashing high speed computing on the system screen. In addition to get the rules of reality envirenment from large amounts of data, artificial intelligence can use random forest models to predict unknown data to calculate predictors of interest to retailers, such as the size of customers and potential sales.

In addition to intelligent forecasting, artificial intelligence can also play an unprecedented role in the precise promotion of current products, such as which products will sell well, how many goods should be prepared for the year-end promotion plan.
Using artificial intelligence, intelligent selection of products can be realized, intelligent diagnosis of current category structure, optimization of category resource allocation, intelligent management of full life cycle such as automatic division of product roles, new product excavation, and elimination of old products, meanwhile, through the data of historical achievements, promotion events, holidays, and product characteristics can better predict the stock volume and effectively reduce inventory.

In the e-commerce business, JD.com has available data to predict how many individual products can be sold in the next 28 days, and put products into warehouses in advance. Moreover, to achieve personalized and accurate recommendations, the machine judges customer preferences based on online behaviors such as customer browsing trajectories and purchase records, and recommends potentially demanding products to them to improve the match between customer demand and product supply, thereby increasing transaction volume.
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