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In the previous article, we mentioned the five parts AI application in the retail industry are relatively mature, they are: wise stores, intelligent storage and logistics, intelligent marketing and experience, smart customer service, and intelligent virtual experience. Let’s take a look at how these five major parts are achieved.

Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -Ⅱ

1.Wise stores
In these five major parts, the smart unmanned store is the main area of AI exploration in the industry and is an integrated embodiment of the comprehensive application of AI technology. Amazon is the originator of unattended convenience stores, and its solution is based on RFID technology. Each product is affixed with an RFID tag for automatic checkout and payment. In addition, it is equipped with a monitoring system, remote customer service, voice intelligence, etc. More technologies such as face recognition technology, motion recognition theft prevention system, dynamic shelves, and smart commodity recognition will be launched to create an unprecedented unmanned era in the retail industry.

Besides unmanned sales, the smart stores also include the introduction of AI into the traditional retail industry to promote an overall innovation in their own operating models.
The face recognition payment system launched by Microsoft CRM opens a new era of smart retail.

The system is divided into four steps:
-The 1st step, the customer enters the convenience store and is immediately locked by the face recognition system. A big data group centered on the customer will be formed silently.
– The next step, when the customer purchases, the customer’s preference for the product is analyzed by using the fish eye as a heat map.
– Then, at the time of payment, the camera on the cash register performs face recognition for the customer, and the POS machine allows the user’s “face ID” to be linked to the consumer behavior;
– The last step, Microsoft Azure technology can achieve 12 facial dimension data, conduct customer’s age and expression judgment. When customers leave the store, The emotions displayed can be used to learn more about the customer’s satisfaction with shopping, and adjust the strategies for providing goods and services next time.

It can be foreseen that in the future, smart retail stores will be able to realize full-intelligent, autonomous shopping for customers entering stores, shopping, and leaving the store. After the customer enters the store, the camera in the store immediately identifies the customer. Through sensors and cameras throughout the store, as well as a variety of information recognition devices, it is possible to identify items that have been removed or replaced from shelves. After the product is put into the shopping basket, it will automatically add up. Customers leave the store directly to avoid accounts settling, brush the face + a payment gesture to complete the transaction automatically.
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