Bathroom disposable shaving blades wholesaler and manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company, specialized in producing and selling men’s and women’s disposable razors with single blade, twin blades and triple blades. Disposable toiletries are mainly apply to public bathing area, such as sauna center, fitness center with bathroom, bathing house and so on. The use of disposable toiletries in these public bathing occasions not only maintains personal grooming, but also ensures hygienic health and prevents bacterial infections. If you are hotel or resort amenities wholesaler, personal care distributor, hypermarkets purchase, or department stores supplier, disposable razor is a great addition to your products line. But, how to find reliable sources and supplier in China? We will divide this subject into 2 parts to discuss.

How to find reliable sources and supplier in China (Ⅰ)
Wholesalers or distributors hope to cooperate with manufacturers with high cost-effectiveness and good reputation. How to choose? From these aspects we can generally see the suppliers strength:

First, do a good job of online review of suppliers and discard unqualified suppliers from the very beginning.
1. Is there an independent website? Suppliers with certain operating capabilities generally do have their own websites.
2. Does the website have accurate address and contact information?
3. If the product picture is taken in kind?

Second, the basic indicators to identify the reliability of a supplier:
1. Is there any legitimate business, industry and tax registration license with authoritative certification;
2. If you are importer, check the supplier whether they have import and export licence, do they own foreign currency collection account?
3. If it is a factory, what is the size of the factory?
4. With lower value products, such as our disposable razors, suppliers may happy to send you free sample for test.

Third, do not blindly believe in low prices, it may only be a bait, sustainable development of the company is the need for regular management and reasonable price positioning. Too low prices are just a means to grab business.

The last, do not rush up, search more and compare with 3-4 suppliers.
Spa disposable hair removal wholesaler WangLi Shaver, from it’s founded in 2009, has grown as a medium size factory with 10,000 square meter work place, more than 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 set automatically razor head assembly systems and 4 sets packing convoys, the total assets up to CNY 10 million. To get our category and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.