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In last edition, we used a story to attract the attention of customers, but for most people, earning money is not easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
People only buy what they like and want. Well, what should we do to impress people with “like it” and “want to buy it” about our products ?

To pay out from the pocket of customers, you might need a good story-Ⅲ

2. I like it – the story makes the customer want to own the product you describe.

Men’s fragrances are not easy to sell. After all, it is not daily necessities. There is a certain degree of difficulty in promoting perfumes online. After all, using words to describe the sense of smell seems very abstract and powerless. Let’s try to use story marketing:

  • Since this bottle of perfume called “Dirty”, after spraying, even my girlfriend said I feel like a new man. Saying like a strange man who happened to be in a late night tavern, and full of breath that I’m not a good guy. Juicy Couture Dirty English perfume, mixed with tobacco, leather and a touch of incense, just like to concentrate the bad guys all over the world, let the girls know the danger but full of temptation.
    After changing perfume, the girlfriend instantly returned to their original blush and heart beats. Through the creation of story scenes, it was not only perfume but also “fantasy” that girls rushed to.

Another story marketing example:

  • Since the last class, many partners listened and said: “Hey, Michael, is the ad copywriter in your company still vacancy?” Many friends are even willing to resign, went to join to Michael’s company to be an copywriter in order to get his personal guidance. This time, you can keep your job and get his advice.
    You’ve learned a lot of copywriting skills. After you write an advertising words, compare with the expert’s comment, revise and polish, you may find the feelings and progress are completely different.

To prove that the lecturer is the top hand, saying that his copy writing is very powerful and his creativity is fantastic will give people the image of blowing his own trumpet and forget quickly. Using a short story not only naturally reflects the lecturer’s excellent, but also deeply impressed. Easy to remember and spread.

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