Beauty disposable shaving blades wholesaler. Wang Li Shaver is a professional manufacturer of manual plastic disposable razors. Founded in 2009, ISO9001 qualified enterprise. In 2017, it obtained the right to import and export license of disposable shavers. The product categories include men’s, ladies’, 1 blade, 2blades and 3 blades disposable razors, which are good sale at home and in Europe, North& South America, Middle East, Russia, Africa and other international markets all year round.

In this article, we are sharing a short story about Robert Nelson, former National Trade Association training director and motivational speaker, the author of The Greatest Sales Training In The World.
The first job after graduating from university, Robert was to be a salesman for a shaver manufacturer who went to sell to department stores, but those stores had their own specific suppliers, so they could only come to the street. Looking for individual customers, Sales was not satisfied obviously.
One day, Robert and his colleagues unknowingly came to a street full of women’s beauty salon. Colleagues have left because they thought that shaver for men only. Do women use a razor? Robert asked himself, but he remembered that last week his sister had bought him a pair of men’s sneakers. Obviously, his sister did not wear men’s sneakers. There is not an inevitable connection between purchase and uses, the key is from which point to sell!
He decided to have a try, he was casually walked into a large women’s beauty salon, explained his purpose to the manager, the person also laughed in the same tone as those of his colleagues: “I think you made a mistake. Do you want to sell a razor here? You have to know that the customers who come in and out of us are all ladies! ”
At this moment, a middle-aged lady who seemed to be in a good mood came out from the room and Robert promptly went up and said, “Excuse me, Ms, you look beautiful to make any man tempted, but have you ever thought of a present for your husband? How do you see the razor in my hand?”
“Wonderful! You remind me that, I’d love to buy a razor for him!” The lady bought one and then left happily.
On that day, Robert promoted his shavers to all the beauty salons in the street by the same way, and sold a total of more than 1,000 razors.
Within a few days, Robert constantly received calls from women’s beauty centers. They needed more razors and were willing to built a long term cooperation!
More than a decade later, Robert wrote his marketing ideas into a book that served as a guide for global salespeople. The name of the book was ” The Greatest Sales Training In The World”

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