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With the enthusiasm of the World Cup, today we are supplying several small jokes about the World Cup came from Chinese internet pals.

  • So far, this World Cup has been played in World War II mode. The Americans watched the fire on the other side of the shore. Italy hung up when it came up. Germany got defeat in Moscow. Japan attacked the Americas successfully. Spain was completely screwed by the Fifth Column. The French fished in trouble waters. The British people persisted until the last Pyrrhic victory. The only thing that did not disappoint us was Russia.
    China? Like World War II, the failed miserably regular army and the fully-engaged people.


  • In this FIFA World Cup in Russia, there are 7 sponsors from China, nearly 1/2 of the total number of sponsored companies. Including Wanda, Hisense, VIVO, Mengniu Dairy and so on.3 million pairs of cheer sticks for the World Cup, more than 300,000 mini fans, more than 200,000 banners, more than 200,000 hats from Wenzhou city;The mascot was shipped from Dongguan city and 100,000 of crayfish were shipped from Hubei province; The air-conditioner on the stadium was contracted by Gree and Midea, furthermore, 180,000 Chinese tourists visit Russia during the world cup. In short, China has participated except the football team.


  • Recall that in order to learn the football experience from the five-star Brazil, the Japanese invited Brazilians to coach the country team, and naturalize Brazilian players. As a result, Japanese football has become Asia’s first-rate and World Cup regulars. A few years later, China also imitated Japan and chose four-star Italy. they invited Lippi, Capello, and Carnavaro as coaches. The effect was immediate and China took Italy out of the World Cup.


  • Wife: For which team against another?
    Husband: Spain against Portugal.
    Wife: Is this a match in China?
    Husband: 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
    Wife: When will the Chinese team appear?
    Husband: Just like you are sitting in front of TV and watching the live broadcast.
    Wife: Why didn’t they take part in?
    Husband: FIFA does not allow.
    Wife: Because of the trade war?
    Husband: Because bad technology.
    Wife: Isn’t there Yao Ming?
    Husband: Leave me alone!

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