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There is nothing wrong with girls with body hair. Some people think that it is very sexy, but most people still think it is indecent and it has formed a recognized social aesthetic over time. Regardless of whether these views are regarded as gender discrimination or moral abduction of women, since ancient times, the “struggle” between women and body hair has never stopped and will be continued. Today, we are learning the history of women’s hair removal from a historical perspective.

The history of women’s hair removal – The Ancient Part

As early as 30,000 BC, prehistoric humans began to shave their excess hair with sharpened flints. It is said that during the same period, women have created early depilatory creams made of rough materials such as lime and arsenic. This depilatory cream can burn excess hair but at the same time it can damage the skin.

By 3,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians would shaved their hair off. All men, women and children must remove all body hair. The cleanliness of hair shave represents a person’s social status. In Roman times, the usual hair-shaving tools used by ladies included pumice stones, blades made of flints, and a kind of tweezers called Volsella.

In the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth I led the new round of women’s shaving trends. During the Elizabeth I era, women’s facial hair (eyebrows, lip hair) needed to be shaved.

In ancient China, although “the body was granted by the parents.”, the ancient women still highly prized to shave eyebrows and then painted by black pigment. In addition, they used a method called “WanMian”, which remove the facial hair with 2 intersecting cotton lines scrolling on face to make the face smoother. This method has spread so far and can be still seen in many street beauty shops nowadays in China.

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