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Some people are studying how to salvage huge plastic garbage dumps floating in the ocean; but some have began early on how to use recycled plastic waste.
The plan for Rotterdam in the Netherlands is to build a regenerative park from waste plastics and let it float in the harbor of Rotterdam for everyone to enjoy and relax.
This regenerative park project has started five years ago. People have been recycling plastics, optimizing their designs, transforming them into finished products; of course, they have to constantly raise funds. The latest jigsaw puzzle is the recent July 4th, the first 140 square meters floating park was installed and opened to the public.

It is indeed a “jigsaw”. The first phase of the park was made up of 28 plastic blocks, each about 3.5 meters wide. The hexagonal pieces are spliced together like a honeycomb. A special bolt is inserted into the joint to make it secure and easy to disassemble. Convenient disassembly is a valuable advantage that allows the floating park to be relocated in whole or in part to match the festival activities or to adapt to new urban developments.

They float on the surface of the sea, undulating, forming a pleasant pattern. Some of them have lounge chairs, and some blocks plant flowers. A planting module that allows the roots of plants to stretch into the water to help purify the water. The special tree-shaped container makes trees growing in the water possible. The regenerative park not only color the urban greening but also provides habitat for small animals such as snails, flatworms, fish and birds.

These modules are made from plastic waste recovered from ports and rivers. The Port of Rotterdam has placed three passive plastic garbage collection stations, and dozens of volunteers collected plastic waste floating in the sea along the embankment. The Regeneration Park project conveys the environmental concept of “blocking plastic pollution into the sea” and making green projects closer to our homes.

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