Guest room disposable shavers wholesaler, manufacturer Wang Li Shaver established in 2009 by Mr. WangLi, is a professional manufacturer of manual plastic disposable shaving razors. The product line include single blade, twin blades and three blades disposable razors for male and female. Our disposable shaver is mainly sale at home and Middle East, South America, The United State, Russia and Africa etc. We are ISO 9001 qualified enterprise with more than 160 employees working in a 10,000 square meters workshop, 20 sets plastic injection molding machines,10 sets assembly machines,4 sets packing machine and conveyor, and 150 million sets annual output.
The subject of this article is what things will you take for traveling. A netizen from China listed the essentials for travel abroad:
• Passports (including visas) must be brought along. It is best to make a copy with flight ticket or photograph it in a cell phone just in case. If it is lost, it will be quite troublesome.
• Tickets, cash (converting foreign currencies first in the country, or checking exchange rates to destinations for which is more cost-effective), plus VISA credit cards.
• Subscribe international call function service to make sure your phone works in the destination country. It will be better to use internet calling and local WIFI;
• Bring a multifunctional power adapter which is apply to almost anywhere .
• Gastrointestinal drugs: Different dietary habits can easily cause gastrointestinal problem. There are also anti-mosquito drugs. This is very important, mosquitoes spread the virus rapidly. A water bottle of your own is necessary.
• Long-haul flight needs IPAD, slippers, watch movies, U-neck pillows, ear plugs, goggles to relax. These are convenient for sleeping on the plane;
•Toiletries including towels, bath towels, disposable bath sets, disposable bed sheets, disposable razors for men, slippers, skin care and hair dryer for women, umbrella;
• Take a notebook and a pen with you to fill up a form or write down something;
• Check out and note down these phone number: Chinese embassy of the destination country, the booking hotel and police station to prevent accidents.
• The last point: your trunk must be large enough to take enough changed clothes and bring back shopping stuff.
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