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Disposable razor is a member of guestroom toiletries of hotel, resort or holiday inns.
Why do hotel guestroom toiletries rarely see the well-known daily brands?
The hotel bathroom supplies are different from the traditional toiletries and professional lines. They establish brands, research, development, and distribute goods. In fact, most of the toiletries used in hotels are indeed not “brand names” in the traditional sense.

Hotel toiletries have their own characteristics:
1. Simply in one-time use, small volume and low added value;
2. The user has little influence on the sales of the product, and the greater influence is the decision of the hotel itself;
3. Users choose passively, the influence of the brand of toiletries themselves is weak, and the credit of the hotel plays a more important role;
4. Special occasions and short-term usage.

So for a brand of hotel supplies
•It is difficult to achieve scale effect on sales. Popular brands do not necessarily use this direction as a strategic category. They cooperate with fixed hotels mostly to deepen the impression of consumers. This can explain why a few boutique brands will launch their own products in luxury hotels, because they are basically overlapped by the customers of hotel users and designer brands, and the customer loyalty is high. So for the name brands, rather than increase the amount of selling, it is better to say that they have the opportunity to advertise.
•Brands need to set up separate hotel channels outside the traditional sales channels.To consider the new project of establishing a special sales channel and the revenue generated by the channel, It may be difficult to set up the project.

•All the brand’s marketing activities are aimed at the hotel, not the consumer. So it may be that some products are very familiar to the hotel but consumers are failed to recognize.

Therefore, the number of large companies willing to concentrate on hotel line products will be relatively small. Hotel toiletries are basically not based on traditional giants brands that consumers are familiar with. What do you think about this? Welcome to share your opinion in our comment area.