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The basic configuration of the single use disposable skin preparation set is composed of a medical disposable razor, a pair of disposable PE glove, and a disposable plastic tweezers; there are available options such as medical gauze sheet, a pad sheet, a non-woven fabric sheet, a wrapper cloth, a sterilized cotton ball, and a sterile gauze cloth, disinfectant brush, soap, talcum powder, tray composition. The skin prep kit should be sterile. Mainly for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology in the general ward shaved off the surgical site body hair before operation.

Cotton balls are used for disinfection and powder is for smooth hands to ware gloves conveniently. There is a small box of powder in the prep bag, to use it sprinkle around the hair and make the hair removal smoothly. There is a plastic disposable shaving razor like men’s razor. Wear gloves and hold the razor to shave hairs. Be careful not to hurt the skin. After shaving, there is a piece of gauze, use it to wipe the shaved place and wait for surgery.

To avoid scratching the skin, the shaving blade must be sharp enough. Before shaving, moisturizing the hair with warm soapy water or apply powder to smooth hair and then shave it. During shaving, the skin should be tightened, the razor is at a 45 degrees angle with the skin, shave hair in the direction of hair growth to avoid damage the hair follicles.

Modern medical skin prep kits can be widely used in preoperative skin preparations such as cardiothoracic surgery, cranial surgery, orthopedics, and pubic skin, perineum, and armpit skin. Improve the disadvantages of razor skin preparation to avoid the patient’s embarrassment and pain, and at the same time reduce the surgical incision of exogenous infection. However, whether using traditional skin preparation method or the modern improved skin preparation method, the basic viewpoint is to fully maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and reduce unnecessary damage on the basis of fully cleaning the skin of the surgical area. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is engaged in producing disposable razors for many years, we export disposable mens razor and women’s disposable razor for medical consumables supplier, beauty supplies wholesaler, grocery merchandise wholesaler, household products distributor etc. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.