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Whether as a commodity producer or as a distributor or wholesaler, the ultimate goal is to sell the product. Books that introduce sales techniques have been one of the best sellers all the time, but maybe:
You need a good story to pay out from the pocket of customer.

What is so special about human beings that has owned the power of a god?
In the masterpiece ” A Brief History of Mankind “, Yuval Hurley used two parts to reveal this mystery for us – the storytelling talent of human . Human complex language systems are able to express abstract concepts, which means that humans can say things they have not seen.
This also explains:
Why did we prefer to use narrative texts rather than informational texts when we were students?
Why movies and TV plays on the Internet are more popular than documentaries?
Why do most people like to listen to the big shots about their counterattack experience and not to the sermon?
That’s because of a common element of narratives, movies, and counterattacks – story.

In addition to Hurley’s research, what scientific research can prove that the human brain loves listening to stories? Yes,here it is:
When we are listening to a boring PPT presentation, some parts of the brain are activated. Scientists call this part the Broca’s area and the Wernicke’s area. But in general, it only activates the part of the brain responsible for language processing, decoding the meaning of the text, and nothing else in the brain.
And when we tell stories, the situation is different. Not only is the part of the brain responsible for processing the language activated, it also triggers the brain area of the story event.

For example, if someone tells us how tasty a certain food is, the sensory cortex of our brain will be activated. If it is related to exercise, then the brain’s motor cortex will be activated:
“John grabbed the rope” and “Andy kicked the ball over.” When the subjects read these two sentences, the researchers scanned the brain of the subjects and showed that the brain movement cortex which responsible for coordinated body movement is activated.
Similarly, “this singer has a velvety voice” and “this man has a rough big hand.” The sensory cortex of the brain is activated.

In short, the emergence of a good story will make the user’s brain say: I accept, I would like to listen, I want to know more.
The application of good stories is not only in line with Yuval Hurley’s “A Brief History of Mankind” revealing that human beings love to tell stories, use stories to describe the unknown of the world, use stories to communicate ideas to influence the characteristics of others. And brain science proves again that humans When listening to stories, multiple parts of the brain will be activated for the corresponding things mentioned in the story.

Therefore, in the sales activities, dramatized and scenarized is in line with human nature and instinct, To tell a good story of you and product for customers, there will be unexpected gains.
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