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Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -Ⅵ

Application of AI in Retail Industry – Intelligent shopping experience

There are many brands that cannot intuitively display their complex content and characteristics. They rely only on traditional presentation methods such as television, radio, outdoor, magazines, or the Internet. These methods have been unable to stimulate consumer desires and make it difficult to achieve broad goals. However, if virtual reality VR technology is used, it can be presented to consumers with 360 degree automation and vividness.
For example, to explain complex technologies to potential customers and introduce manufacturing processes, or directly experience the long-range origin and production line of products. At the same time, it also brings an unprecedented personalized and close to real life shopping experience to e-commerce.

In 2016, Ali announced the establishment of VR Labs and released the “Buy+” plan to fully deploy VR. “Buy+” to maximal build of a true off-site shopping scene through VR technology, realizing the goal of “shopping the world without leaving home.”
With “Buy+”, even if you are at home in a city in China, consumers wear VR glasses and enter the VR version of Taobao, you can choose to go to fifth avenue in New York, you can also choose the old spitalfields market in Britain. You would have an immersed sense of shopping all over the world.

In simple terms, consumers can directly interact with people and things in the virtual world, and even virtualize real-life scenes into an interactive product. For example, when choosing a sofa, consumers no longer worry about the undetermining size of the sofa. Wearing VR glasses, they can “put” this sofa directly at home and see if the size and color are appropriate.
“Buy+” can greatly increase the realism of online merchandise, such as when you go to buy underwear for your girlfriend, you are no longer feel of embarrasing. Just wear VR glasses, and go into VR version of Taobao, you can directly view the underwear details, and even the effect of wearing, Through these virtual technologies, you can have surprises and experiences that are not available in physical stores and complete a super cool and wonderful virtual try-on and shopping experience.

At present, many AI have integrated VR technology to achieve system data interoperability and create interactive 3D shopping scenes through VR, achieving an unprecedented virtual experience and realistic immersive experience, enabling consumers to easily interact with products and brands. Zero-distance intimate interaction allows consumers shopping behaviour more impulsively than any other moment.Artificial intelligence will creates a new retail empire. Are you ready?

Of course, neither technology nor artificial intelligence AI are not panacea to solve the current retail industry problems.The only way is catering to the real needs of consumers, taking service consumers as the core, starting from the essence of the retail industry, and accelerating the resolution of pain points through multiple channels and aspects, to effective reform of the entire format be achieved and millions of consumers will truly benefit.
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