Hospitality disposable shavers supplier, wholesaler and manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company offer cheap disposable razors for men and ladies. Our products line covers one blade, two blades, and three blades disposable shavers, that are hot sell in the market of non-durable merchandise wholesale, personal care distributor, hospitality products supplier etc. Many of our clients prefer stainless steel blades because of good quality and high cost performance ratio. And if for public places such as bathing house, sauna center supplies, carbon steel is more popular due to cheap cost and one-time use requirement.

In this section, we are discussing the channel and source of information for distributors or wholesalers to develop new markets – sales terminals.
Terminal visits have several advantages:
First, in the process of visiting, we learned about the local terminal distribution, market size, consumer characteristics, competitive product information, product’s relative advantages, and market opportunities.
Second, the customers are highly targeted and high quality.

So how to get information in the terminal market?
a.)For traditional circulation channel products: find a convenience store which in good business, when the business is not busy, go casually buy something, then talk to the owner, many owners will show you a list of suppliers, which includes almost all of the FMCG dealers contact information. Enthusiastic person will also recommend to you a few good reputation, powerful dealers. In some stores, there’s a sheets of paper posted on the wall next to the cash register. You may find supplier’s phone number there. According to this method, we will be able to find a few shops and we will know how to do it.

b.)Regarding the products of modern supermarkets: Visit the largest local stores.
There are two general sources of information:
First, start with the purchase of shopping malls, first introduce the situation of our products, ask them for help to recommend suitable dealers to operate this product. There are several advantages to this: The purchasing person is the customer for the dealer, he or her is the recommender, and the dealer will take it seriously.
If the buyer thinks that this product can be sold in the mall, the dealer will take it.
Second, in order to snatch terminal resources, a lot of brand-name products will often buy special displays showcase in the more prosperous supermarkets, and there are also full-time promoters, through these promoters we can obtain the dealer information more detail.

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