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Stylish hotels have learned to use some creativity to subtly adapt to the rapidly changing social needs. We can see this trends from the configuration of guest rooms and many hotel operators are trying to change the hotel from a living place to a place of escape where full of highlights. Today let’s take a look at some of the new trends in future design of hotels.
1. The lobby: multi-purpose dynamic space
In order to adapt to the new trend of business tourism, the hotel lobby has transformed into a multi-purpose dynamic space, which can conduct formal business negotiations and chat freely; it’s not only can be used for notebook processing works, but also supports a wide variety of equipment.
This means that a simple sofa with a coffee table is not enough, and creative space segmentation is imperative. There are both intimate places and more open social areas. The comfort and functionality of the furniture are also different.

2. Guestrooms configuration
The standard feature of bed + desk + wardrobe is no longer classic,it can no longer make passengers feel more cozy. In today’s world, customers who are away from home are looking forward to unusual surprises. This is probably the reason why the interior decoration of each hotel is totally different from others.
The creative office tailored for business travellers has fun TV panels and extra-sized beds with special sofas… these are the key “elements” that make up a stylish hotel room. Utilizing the strong collocation of color and decoration, this definitely meets the traveler’s curiosity.

3. Blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor
Try to make the indoor and outdoor blended naturally as far as possible by blurring the indoor and outdoor boundaries.
Expand the floor-to-ceiling windows and balcony space of the rooms and try to introduce nature into the room. Wooden inlays, decorative stones, lush green plants and indoor waterfalls are all ways to make travellers feel relaxed.

4.Going green
Sustainability is a tricky issue for hoteliers. They try to reduce short-term costs, but the most important thing in a sustainable “game” is the idea of innovation.
Oversized skylights for more natural light, pure natural building materials, green roofs, recycling bins for passengers, electronic faucets, locally grown ingredients and wastewater reuse are just parts of the hotel’s eco-friendly trends.

5. Focus on local art
It is a pity that modern architecture is often far from local architectural traditions. Fortunately, however, more and more hoteliers are realizing that adding local elements to interior design themes can make the hotel more recognizable and more popular with tourists. From small ornaments, landscape photos to large-scale decor, it’s easy to incorporate local art into the hotel’s visual sense.

6. Excessive Hi-tech
Not everyone is looking for a high-tech hotel when they leave home. On the contrary, people tend to be isolated from the world.
However, more and more hotels have focused their attention on allowing passengers to “follow the times”. A humanized technology-based room greatly facilitates the work of business travellers. In the long run, this will also help increase customers stickiness. The newly built hotel provides guests with a smart phone that can adjust the brightness, air conditioning temperature and even blinds. It must be said that this is indeed a smart business method. Another popular trend is to provide tablets at the front desk for check-in, print boarding passes or other self-service processes that require an online connection.
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