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In the previous article, we introduced several ways to open new markets. In addition to searching through the Internet, advise from friends, advertising, and the advantages of “net wide spread” in local trading market. Today, we are talking about the disadvantages of “net wide spread”:
1) In the local market, there is a mixture dealers and second batches of co-existence, and the targeting of visits is not clear.
2) Lack of understanding and prior preparation for the customer before visiting, low success rate, easy to leave customers with unprofessional impression.
3) You might be rejected or miss the person who is responsible for purchasing without an appointment.
4) Now many of the distributors which have real strength are intensively cultivating terminals and engaging in professional distribution. The market is mostly second batch and retail, and it is difficult to find powerful distributors.

Besides internet, advise from friends, advertising, and “net wide spread” in local market, customers introducing and selling terminals are also good source of business expansion and market information.
5. Customer introduction: If visited customers have a good communication but they have no desire or intention for our product, then we can ask for help to introduce suitable distributors. After all, the customer is very familiar with the dealers in the local market. Though, the probability of success of this method is very low, and even more is misleading, we can have a try.
6.  Sales terminal survey, next  passage we will discuss how to get information from the sales terminal.

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