Hotel disposable shaving blades distributor and manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is a disposable shaving razors located in middle-east of China. It’s specialized in single blade shaving razor, two blade razor and 3 blade razor. Disposable toiletries are mainly apply to hotel guestroom amenities, public bathing area, such as sauna center, fitness center with bathroom, bathing house and so on. The use of disposable toiletries in these public bathing occasions not only maintains personal grooming, but also ensures hygienic health and prevents bacterial infections. If you are hotel or resort guestrooms amenities wholesaler, personal care distributor, hypermarkets purchase, or department stores supplier, disposable razor is a great addition to your products line.

Hotel guestroom supplies contain many things, and there are many things to pay attention when purchasing. So how can we purchase good supplies? What should we pay attention to purchase guestroom amenities?

The hotel guest room is for rest, so the first we should buy a good bed. Hotel is a place where has a large customer traffic, so when purchasing a bed, the quality must be good. A comfortable bed can provide customers with a good rest environment. The appearance should be simple and elegant and the structure bust be strong enough.
The purchase of hotel beddings is just as important as the purchase of beds, both them can provide good sleep for guests. When purchasing beddings, be sure to choose good wholesalers with high reputation to garantte good quality. Because the hotel beddings are directly in contact with human skin, it is best to use cotton material. Poor fabrics may cause allergies to some customers.

When purchasing, you should also pay attention to choose mild colors, which can bringh the sense of cozy. Another important tip is that there is no odor, odorous beddings might be harmful to human health.

It is also very important to purchase guestroom disposable toiletries. When purchasing disposable toothbrushes, pay attention to the quality of bristles, because the disposable toothbrush only takes two or three days. There will be a damage to the oral cavity if the quality is not good or the buffing rate is not enough, and the comfort handle design should be considered.
When purchasing a disposable razor, ensure that the blade should be sharp enough, should be used 5-6 times or more, non-slip handle design and protect cover for razor head is required.
As for other hotel toiletries, pay attention to the water consumption, that is, how much water can be used to completely cleanse, not just blindly pursuing bubble enrichment.

In summary, the most important thing for purchasing hotel guest room supplies is good quality with reasonable prices. Therefore, we should choose the wholesalers with good reputation and keep a long term cooperation.
Hotel disposable shaving blades distributor WangLi Shaver, founded in 2009, it has grown as a medium size factory with the annual production capacity of 150 million pieces disposable razors. There are more than 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 sets automatically razor cartridge assembly systems and 4 sets packing machines operate in 10,000 square meters workshops. To get our complete catalogue and prices, please contact us right now.