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People now know and love your products, but users are very smart. You say that you are selling beer imported from German that suits Chinese tastes. How do I know that it really meets Chinese tastes? How to prove that you are telling the truth?

To pay out from the pocket of customers, you might need a good story-Ⅲ
3. I believe it – the story makes users feel that the product is really as you described

The beer promotion below also tells a story:
Different types of German wheat brewing are different in shade and flavor. What kind of Chinese people prefer? In order to uncover this mystery, Zebra Craft team came up with a “stupid” method – invite passers-by to drink.

“There are 8 glasses of beer without lables on the table. Only mark No. 1 to 8. After drinking, write down which one is good and which one is not good”
The test lasted for six months. It had tested by 2,437 passers-by tests in Sanlitun Beijing, Iapm mall Shanghai , and MIXC Shenzhen. It tested 36 beers in all, 18 of them were developed by the company, and 18 imported beers were bought from the market.

“This German-style wheat has the highest overall score. It is basically the top 3 during 8 glasses of beers.”A lot of passers-by said that imported beer is too bitter, and drinking Zebra Craft does not exist this problem. “Most male commented “rich wheat flavor,” “full mouthfeel,” and “smooth”. The evaluation of girls is relatively simple, “good drink”, “very fragrant” and “very fresh.”

Users always have doubts about emerging products, such as this new beer, you use gorgeous adjectives to make users mouth water, but there will still be concerns: Is that true?
Putting these evaluations in a clear and tangible way, the user will only be realistic in his mind before he decides: Well, let me try it.Hygiene disposable hair removal distributor, personal care dealer, beauty supplies wholesaler, hotel and travel disposable products supplier, supermarket and hypermarket… are the major markets of disposable razors, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company provides cheap and good disposable razors in bulk. Our annual production capacity has reached 150 million pieces, 20-25 days lead time in a 20’container. Free samples are available. Welcome any inquiry and comment from old and new clients.