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Global Omnichannel report: 15% share growth of e-commerce channel

Global consumer behavior research expert Kantar Worldpanel released the latest retail research report. According to the report titled “Winning Omnichannel: Finding growth in reinvented retail”, in the global fast-moving consumer goods market in 2017, developing markets such as Africa, Latin America and Asia still maintained high growth ( 8.8%, 7.3% and 4.3% respectively). In contrast, the growth rate in Western Europe is 2.2%. And the largest market for FMCG in the world, the US market is only increase 0.5% due to the slowdown in population growth, consumers purchases decrease and low-cost private brands chosen to reduce cost.

In the global FMCG market in 2017, 76% of the growth came from channels other than hypermarkets and supermarkets. Among them, the fastest growing three channels are e-commerce (15%), discount stores (5.2%) and cash & carry stores (4.4%). Compared with the increase of only 0.8% in the hypermarkets and supermarkets, the performance is outstanding.
According to the Kantar Worldpanel, benefiting from increased internet penetration in markets such as Africa and Asia, e-commerce will account for 7.2% of the global market share by 2020. The three fastest-growing channels, e-commerce, discount stores and cash and carry stores will account for 15.3% of the market by then.

Stéphane Roger, Kantar Worldpanel Global Shopper and Retail Director, said: “The global FMCG market is harder than ever growing only a +1.9% in value last year while gross domestic product (GDP) experienced an almost +4% growth. Beyond the average, growth is fragmented because of booming e-commerce and discounters, and struggling hypermarkets and supermarkets. Shoppers are giving a clear message: they want convenience and value for money. At Kantar Worldpanel we predict that spending in supermarkets and hypermarkets will decline to 48.4% in 2020. Successful strategies need better understanding of the new channel dynamics at play and the differences between countries.”

At present, the share of e-commerce in the Asian market has reached 7.3%, and the predictability growing at a high rate will be continued. In Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, the growth rate of discount stores has been the fastest, reaching 27.4% of the entire FMCG market. At the same time, discount stores have also developed well in Latin American countries, such as Colombia (21%) and Mexico (18.8 %). In Brazil and other countries,the fastest-growing is cash&carry stores, which currently accounts for 10.6% of the market. With the diversification of the market, brands that adjust their retail strategies to meet the expectations of channel development in various regions will have a greater chance of success.
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