Hygiene disposable razors factory Wang Li Shaver is a professional manufacturer of manual plastic disposable razors. Founded in 2009, ISO 9001 qualified enterprise. The product line include men’s, women’s, single blade, double blade and 3 blades disposable razors which are good sale at domestic and abroad. More than 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection molding machines,10 sets assembly machines,4 sets packing machine and conveyor, and 150 million sets annual output.

In this clip we are discussing how to select a disposable shaver for men?
Firstly, blade quality
To check the quality of blade, a good disposable razor blade is made from Swedish or German stainless steel. Chromium alloy and Teflon coating enhance the strength and sharpness of the blade to make the blade more sharp and durable; the normal stainless steel blade has high cost-effective, sharp enough and affordable price, the cheapest blade is carbon steel which is suitable for hotel guestroom amenities, bathing room and other public places to meet the needs of one-time use.
Secondly, thickness of beard
Men who need to be shaved every day should choose a double or three-layer disposable razor. If hair is sparse to be shaved once or twice a week, a single-layer or twin blade disposable shaver can be fast and efficient.
Finally, living habit
For business men who travel a lot are advised to use a disposable razor. The disposable razor will not feel embarrassed because of lack of electricity during shaving. Men who are accustomed to shaving at home can also use disposable razors, convenient and easy to clean; for men who like to bathe while shaving, it is best to choose a disposable razor with a non-slip rubber design handle.
Men’s skin is not indestructible. If you don’t pay attention to details, it will also cause skin problems. Especially those with sensitive skin, it will cause a large area of skin irritation, redness with less carefulness. Disposable razors are not easy to breed bacteria, can be cleaned directly for flushing and drying, it’s convenience, efficient, and health.

Hygiene disposable razors made from WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company, which provides single blade, twin blades and three blades disposable razors for bulk wholesaler, distributor and chain supplier. We do have razor blades with lubricating strip for sensitive skin. Please contact us for more information.