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Investigation from women, they have something to say about men’s body hair.

  • Chest hair: The most different views of the body hair between male and female
    The University of Cambridge in Britain used to do a survey. The researcher interviewed 700 women aged 19-65 to vote the appearance that attractive men should own. As a result, most women think of the following qualities: wide shoulders, thin waists and thick chest hair. Thick chest hair has become the most attractive condition in all hair sites in women’s eyes. Back to a recent survey, women firmly believed that men with chest hair are full of masculine charm. 17% of women think that thick and textured chest hair is a symbol of male beauty. But men disagree with that. They think chest hair like underwear. Although you wear it every day, you can’t tell everybody that you have. So only 2% of men would choose to trim their own chest hair.
    However, according to Wikipedia statistics, most male in East Asian, especially in China, are barely grown chest hair. There is no direct relationship between chest hair and the ability of sexuality. The chest hair grows because of the sensitivity of the hair follicle to androgens. Physiologically, the chest hair belongs to the second sexual characteristic. It’s the part that developed after adolescence, the shape and density are uncontrolled.
  • Arm hairs: Ladies don’t care most about
    2% of men said they would shave their arm, but no women was very concerned about men’s arm hair. Some women think it’s pretty hormonal, feeling sense of safe and secure.
  • Underarms hair: Only 4% of women express thick underarms hair means male beauty
    Women said that men did not need to shave their underarms, but also said in the survey that disorganized underarms hair is unbearable. Only 4% of women feel that thick armpit hair is a symbol of male beauty.
  • About pubic hair: Women all cover their faces.
    Let us first analyze this matter from the level of art to let you know that this is purely a part of the analytical body hair. Because in the survey, there are 36% of women said that they don’t want to discuss.
    The following is a physical hygiene lesson.The density of pubic hair depends entirely on your hormone level. From a religious perspective, there is also a knowledge of pubic hair (history class category): In Islamic civilization, pubic hair is considered unclean and must be removed before worship.
    In other civilizations, there is also a tradition of trimming pubic hair. In ancient Greece, there were also habits of shaved pubic hair, both men and women. People called it shaving the “Mound of Venus”.
    It develops to nowadays, it is purely from the perspective of personal hygiene. In terms of pruning methods,there are two kinds of hair removal, one is to shave the surface of skin hair, such as using a razor; the other is to destroy the hair follicles to completely prevent hair growth.
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