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The United Nations has designated 2017 as the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development”, and responsible tourism can bring many positive and beneficial changes. In the tourist season, in order to travel healthier and reduce the impact of our actions on the planet, we can try to do these:

To take the train instead of plane
Join the emerging “slow travel” family, reduce travel destinations and extend time in each destination. Taking the train will give you a deeper sense of local conditions and customs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Refuse to plastic packaging
To reduce pollution, you can use recyclable glass bottles to carry water (in the tropics, you can rely on coconut), and prepare tote bags in your luggage for shopping. This not only reduces plastic pollution, but also reduces petroleum-related carbon emissions, petroleum is the main raw material for the plastic products.

Support the local economy
Locally made art and souvenirs are not very cheap. But buying these goods can indeed have a more direct and positive impact on the local economy.
For example, in Cancun, Mexico, the “traditional” Mexican hats sold by some gift shops are actually made in China. Because the local craftsman who makes the hat is asking for a higher price. The real difference is not only in price. Buying a real Mexican hat helps support cultural heritage and provides jobs for these craftsmen.

Rejecting wild animal products
In Mongolia, some backpackers were found to bargain in the outdoor market. They wanted to buy a wolf-skin hat, but this behaviou inadvertently supported the market for smuggling of endangered wildlife products. For these wild animal products, we should directly refuse to buy.

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