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In the middle or above grade hotels, resort and holiday inns, disposable razors are usually provided free of charge. Let’s take a look at some major themes of the resort today.
According to the tourism resources relied on, there are resorts subjects including beach, forest, lakeside, hot spring, golf, grassland and rock valley which constructed by natural or artificial valleys. Different resources reflect different entertainment and environment performance.

– Beach Resort
Outdoor leisure and entertainment projects of this type of hotel are mainly based on the theme of the sea, such as bathing beach, swimming pool, sea recreation and beach sports. Bathing beach are closely integrated with beach entertainment, sea amusements, and corresponding catering and commercial areas. In the center of the outdoor recreation area, theme squares that echo the theme of the sea culture or the hotel, restaurants, bars, cafes, music stations and other entertainment places built around to form a complete, rich and organized outdoor leisure environment.

– Forest Resort
Forest Resort outdoor recreation projects include: forest bathing, camping, barbecue, archery, walking, orienteering, field battle, ecological recreation, jungle adventures and more.
The jungle is a symbol of nature, while jungle life is a return. For the brave, outward bound, survival in the wild, etc. is good choice. For the public, the quality of life in the ecological environment is more worth having. It’s extremely pleasant to find a campsite in a clean place or stay in a log house or tree house, relax in a forest book bar, restaurant bar or an oxygen bar, and fish or swim in the lake next to the forest.

– Hot-spring Resort
The outdoor leisure and entertainment projects of hot-spring resort are mainly hot-spring bath, spa, health, wellness, swimming and other leisure health projects. It is guided by the feelings of tourists. For example, couple pools and SPA projects should be relatively isolated through other projects such as plants, landscape walls or rockery landscapes. Some dynamic hot springs such as rafting, waves, children’s wading pools, and slides are mainly suitable for summer water sports; bathing feet, medicine baths, spas, couple baths, swimming and other items can be enjoyed outdoors during the warm season.

– Lake land resort
The lake land resort is generally surrounded by non-sweeping flat terrain, but fluctuating mountainous terrain. The water will form a variety of forms such as streams, lakes, and waterfalls. The outdoor recreation and entertainment projects are designed accordingly, such as rafting, rowing, fishing, golf and more.

– Rock Valley or Deep-pit Resort
Rock vally and Deep-pit is a rare natural landscape. It’s an innovation in the form of a resort hotel. The common point of creating resort hotels using mountains, hills, and oceans is to make full use of the terrain to develop the environment landscape according to local conditions, but the difference is that the change of terrain has added new funs to resort outdoor entertainment projects. For example, a rock climbing exercise project may be performed using a steeply-graved area around a valley or a deep pit; a bungee movement may be set at a large vertical drop; and water sports may also be carried out at the valley bottom and pit bottom.
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