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The gigantic Chinese college entrance examination is coming. Today we are talking about this topic related to Chinese education.

The National Higher Education Entrance Examination, or NCEE.

In early May, the Chinese Ministry of Education held the 2018 NCEE videophone conference and said that in 2018, the number of candidate for NCEE reached 9.75 million, an increase of 350,000 from the previous year.

Less than half a month from the college entrance examination, grade three students of senior high school can be seen everywhere are fighting for preparations to exam.
What are the new trends in the college entrance examination this year? Which new major become the hot cake worthy of attention? Take a look together.

Previously, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the results of the 2017 annual undergraduate professional filing and examination and approval, a total of 2,311 undergraduate major subjects were newly added in colleges and universities. Some majors should be born in the era, quite characteristic. They are:

-Data science and big data technology
In 2017, a total of 250 new universities and colleges set up “Data Science and Big Data Technology”. The first batch of universities that have successfully applied for the program have a total of three universities. They are Peking University, University of International Business and Economics and Central South University. They were approved by the Ministry of Education in February 2016. As a cross-disciplinary subject, the related curriculum of big data involves knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. There are many areas where data workers can apply, and many organizations need big data projects to drive innovation.

-Robot Engineering
According to the information released by the Ministry of Education, there are nearly 60 schools newly added “Robot Engineering”in 2017. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of China’s artificial intelligence (AI) industry will exceed 150 billion yuan, bringing the scale of related industries to more than 1 trillion yuan, and such rapid growth and development will inevitably produce a large demand of number of talented people.

-Cybersecurity and Information security
In order to accelerate the cultivation of high-level personnel in cyberspace security in the new era, the first-level discipline of “Internet space security” was added to the results of the 2017 college undergraduate professional filing and examination and approval. A total of 18 colleges and universities undergraduate courses set up the “Cybersecurity” specialty, 16 new colleges and universities Added “Information Security” subject.

-Minor language majors through “The Belt and Road”
Beijing Foreign Studies University has added 14 new examination and approval majors this year, all of which are minor language majors that were not available before, including Fijian, Cook Islands, Maori, Luxembourgish and Sango.

-New Engineering Major
In 2017, the Ministry of Education approved and set up new engineering majors such as smart manufacturing engineering, intelligent medical engineering, intelligent construction, and big data management and application. Some experts said that only a new generation of information technology industry represented by the disciplines of big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing has a talent gap of 1.5 million. It is estimated that by 2050, the talent gap will reach 9.5 million.

With the implementation of the “two-child” policy, the number of childbirth in major hospitals has shown a trend of “blowouts”. At present, the human resources for midwifery are difficult to meet social needs both quantitatively and qualitatively. Therefore, there is an urgent need for undergraduate midwifery personnel. The midwifery program was first opened in 2016, when only four universities were approved for the first time. In 2017, more than 20 universities added this specialty.

-Network and New Media
In 2017, 37 universities and colleges newly added networks and new media subjects. In the past two years, new media listed companies are 2-3 times more than traditional media. Some experts believe that the dissemination of talent by new media is a shortage of talents at all levels of the media and other industries in the information age, and the gaps in the market is large.

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