Medical disposable razors most use for skin preparation before surgery, (semi-)permanent beauty or tattoo. Disposable shaver plays a role of fully maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier and reducing unnecessary damage on the basis of adequately cleaning the skin of the surgical or tattoo area. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company supply disposable razors in bulk for more than 15 years. There are 1 blade, double blade, and triple blade for selection. With convenient and cheap cost reason, disposable razors is an indispensable option for guestroom amenities distributor, travel goods wholesaler, grocery store supply chain etc.

For any project, there is resistance in the early stages of development. Therefore, we must prepare for the worst. Understand clearly the market conditions, local consumer demand, product features and technical essentials, and then work towards the goals set by yourself.

For new distributors, two major misunderstandings in early development should be avoided:

Misunderstanding Ⅰ, relax cooperation conditions
When the new dealers started, they had a small number of offline customers. In order to develop and win more customers, they relaxed many of the conditions for cooperation, such as settlement extension, trial sale of new goods, no shipment to other customers, and more much returns, etc., One the surface, doing so is to attract offline customers, but the consequences are even worse. Businessmen always want profits to be maximized. No matter what kind of conditions the upper supplier gives, customers always hope that they will be able to offer further benefits, and they will not be grateful to the distributors, and they will not determine the cooperation with the distributors because of loose conditions. Experienced dealers will grasp this degree well. Many conditions are just right. They will never over-relax conditions in order to win customers. Moreover, excessive relaxation conditions will also lead to the destruction of market conditions and cause complaints from other distributors, leading to deterioration of peer relations. Moreover, once this rule is formed, it will be quickly cured by the customer. These favorable conditions will always be available. It is difficult to cancel in the future. These over-reliance preferential conditions will continue to affect the profitability of the dealers themselves.

Misunderstanding II, to develop customers by themselves
When new dealers are just starting out, the number of customers is generally small. Developing customers is the main task at this stage. Many dealers think that this customer is directly developing by themselves. As a result, the dealer bosses paid a lot of effort to visit every customers. However, the brand awareness of the new distributors was not very high, and the brand image of the company was not established. Even if the boss personally visits and communicates with clients, the actual situation The effect is also relatively limited. Coupled with the start of business, there is no trust relationship between the two parties. The cost of communication is also very high.

In fact, the new distributor can fully consider taking another route, that is, allowing customers to develop customers. This way concentrate energies and resources, serving existing customers, obtaining the recognition and trust of existing customers, then entrust existing customers to carry out horizontal customers development. After all, there is a certain degree of trust between peer customers. This recommendation is far more better than the dealers develop customers themselves, and it eliminates strangeness and many questions. That is, to concentrate on existing limited resources and concentrate on applying one or two points. After making results, they try to expand horizontally rather than face limited new resources and efforts while facing many new customers.

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