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Investigation from women, they have something to say about men’s body hair.

The gentlemen cherish their hair mostly because they feel that their thick hair can add sexual attraction. But not all hairs are aphrodisiac, and some hair may even be the only reason you are rejected by women.

About beard, women say actively growing is non-essential but must be shaped

For men’s beard, this matter was discussed in the BC.
The ancients in the western world also have their own “views of beard”. Maintaining beards is warrior. Shaving a beard means to to the war. No beard represents a single person, and a long beard represents knowledge. In the Tang Dynasty in China, men not only had to keep a beard but also dye their beards.

In recent time, American society has a clear prejudice against the mustache. In 2006, the United States Supreme Court even ruled that jurors with mustache could not be selected. In 2007, more than half of women in US polls refused to kiss men who has mustache. Some interviewees stated that reminded them of bumpkin and porn men.
For this reason, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) advocated that the moustaches should unite and protest against American sociocultural discrimination.

Ten years later, in the latest data survey in 2017, the males general thought that beards were the most trimmed part of men’s body hair. They thought that for beards, compared to other hair parts, they were already pruning enough. Women think that men should trim their beards, and the most unbearable is men’s with disorganized beards. Then the former explained the concerns of the latter well, and the latter said that maybe the former did not do enough.

28% of men choose the part of body hair they have trimed is beards. 30% of women think that the densely-hued beard is particularly sexy. 63% of women think that having a beard can enhance male charm. In short, men’s beard followed their hair and became the subject of most concern for men. It can be said that the beard is a man’s natural “micro-plastic surgery”.
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