Personal care disposable razors factory offers cheap single blade shaver, two blade razor and 3 blade disposable shavers for non-food grocery supplier, hotel guestroom amenities distributor, beauty supply wholesaler etc. Founded in the year of 2009, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is specialized in manual plastic cheap mens razors and women’s disposable razors. Our products exported to Europe, America, Russia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries all over the world.

How to choose a satisfied supplier?

Businessperson is always thinking about how to find a good Chinese supplier. In order to find the right one, do we need to run the exhibition? Or visit China in person? In addition to the Internet, is there any other better way to find a good supplier? The answer is as follows.
Everyone know that China has produced most of the world’s products. The trademarks of many goods in supermarkets and shops are “Made in China.”
The most important reason for buyers to search suppliers in China is that prices are competitive. For this reason that a large number of foreign manufacturers flock to China.

Whether you are a businessperson or a buyer, as long as you are still paying attention to your products to maintain price competitiveness in your home country, you will not sit still and you will find ways to search for solutions to prevent your business from failing. Some of these solutions including:

  1. Stop selling products that are shocked by low prices. This is definitely not a good idea, unless you have a lot of other stocks or you just want to enjoy a long holiday!
  2.  Try to search for products from more competitive manufacturers in your country.
  3. Import directly from low-cost countries. If we think this method is the most appropriate, then there are quite a few things we need to to the next.
    For example, which country to choose for procurement? How to find a manufacturer that understands our requirements? But you will find that after searching out the worldwide, you will still choose China. The next question is how to find Chinese suppliers? How to choose? How to communicate with them? You may decide to start with a few inquiries about the product you are interested in and try to buy a sample. If so, then you may have to spend thousands of dollars on the sample just to make no wrong decisions. Though, for consumer low-value products, many Chinese supplier provide free samples.

Therefore, you can go to some large-scale professional exhibitions to find those suppliers that are not found on the B2B website, communicate with the exhibitors on the spot, establish initial cooperation intentions, and maintain good relations.

However, it should be noted that if you can’t speak Chinese or English without accompanied by a translator, then going to the exhibition is basically a waste of time and money. Obviously, hiring translators will cause expenses. If you don’t plan to spend money on it, you have to find a way to get the contact information of the vendors you are interested in. You can ask the organizer for help. You can also inquire about the information of Chinese suppliers from people around you, the more the better, and if necessary, you can also seek the help of professional procurement agencies.
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