Personal care disposable shavers manufacturer supplies cheap single blade shaving razor, twin blade razor and 3 blades disposable shavers in good quality. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company was founded in 2009, with more than 15 years industrial experience, 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 sets automatically assembly workstations, and 4 sets packing machines. Disposable razor is made from plastic grain and blade material should be stainless steel or carbon steel. The wholesale prices of our disposable shavers ranging from US$0.03 to US$0.10, lead time 20-25 working days.
In the previous article, we mentioned the traditional channels in the puchasing channels for grocery merchandise wholesaler. Besides traditional channels, what other ways can the wholesalers find inexpensive but good quality commodities?

2. Internet platform. Trading via the Internet has become the mainstream channel for business, which is to obtain product information and transactions from the B2B platforms and the manufacturer website. Online purchasing can be communicated through social media or chat tools. Through online procurement, wholesalers can constantly adjust the type and quantity of purchases according to market changes, reducing inventory and operaion capital. In addition, online purchasing can reduce a lot of unnecessary costs for both seller and buyer, such as transportation fees, accommodation expenses, and staff salaries, as well as a significant reduction in procurement time.

3. This is an unexpected resources. That is to get merchandise from your competitors. If you have the same supplier nearby, the premise is that you have good relationship with the supplier, you can make alliances with the supplier and get goods from each other. Because daily goods go fast, it is easy to get out of stock, and consumers will be lost without timely replenishment.

4. Another source is supermarket or hypermarket. Someone will ask, the things are so expensive in the supermarket and hypermarket. How do you make money to purchase their stock? There’s one thing you may overlook is that supermarkt and hypermarket regular discounting activities are staggering. Some discounted prices are lower than the purchase price. After the goods are purchased, they can be sold directly, or kept in stock to wait for prices recover.

In addition, for wholesalers with large quantities, trade shows, magazines, yellow pages are also good channels to search suppliers. Personal care disposable shavers manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company, specialized in best men’s disposable razor and ladies shaving razor. Our products are good sale both at home and exported to Italy, France, the U.S, Canada, Colombia, Russia, Africa, Malaysia and other countries around the world. For complete catalog and price list, please contact us soon.