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Today’s topic is obscure knowledge 8 tips about shaving.

Everyone needs beauty tips. For women, skin care, beauty, and make-up are commonplace. Men must bear the brunt of shaving. Shavers are so important for men just like cosmetics for women. Men might not use face cream or skin care, but they must need a razor. In today’s the fast-paced city life, shaving in the mirror left men of their own time, so it should give yourself a comfortable shaving experience .
What attention we need to know about shaving? Here we introduce 8 shaving tips for men and women.

A healthy male has an average of 385 beards / 6.45 cm2 on face. These beards grow at a rate of 2.5 cm every 8 weeks. Because of the rapid growth, shaving is a daily work for men. However, many people did not take this compulsory course seriously. In fact, there are strict rules to shave hair, not only for a comfortable shaving experience, but also protect our own facial skin.
1.To shave in the early morning: the best shaving time after getting up early in the morning, rapid metabolism, vigorous reproductive function, rapid growth of beard during sleep, consumption of bodily functions, androgen is not so strong, the beard growth slowly after getting up, after a night of madness, the best time to “cut down” is in the morning, meanwhile the skin is relaxed in the morning, shaving at this time can reduce the chance of being scratched.
2. Don’t shave before bathing: Many people like to take a bath after shaving, because you can wash your shaved face. Actually, the just shaved skin is sensitive. To take a shower at this time will irritate skin and cause red or itched easily by bath liquid, shampoo, and hot water.
3. Don’t shave before exercise: after your clean, refreshing shaving. It’s not bad to go for exercise. If you really think so, congratulations, you’ve won another prize. Blood circulation is accelerated and hair follicles are enlarged. A significant amount of sweat will stimulate your just shaving skin, resulting in a sense of burning.
4. Shaving order: There are orders for shaving beards. They should be kept from left to right, from top to bottom, first to follow pores, and then to reverse the pores. After shaving, use a hot towel or warm water to clean it. Check that no beards remain. Be careful not to scratch your face in random order.
Is that more? Sure it is, we will talk about the left 4 tips in the next passage.

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