Single blade disposable razors agent search factory and supplier from China. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is specialized in one blade disposable razortwin blade disposable razors and 3 blade disposable razors for many years. There are 2 buildings cover 10,000 square meters workshop, more than 160 workers, 20 sets plastic handle and razor cartridge injection machines, 10 sets automatically razor head assembly systems, 4 sets packing convoys and annual production capacity up to 150 million sets.

In our last article, we said that the appearance of a good story would make the brain say: I accept, I would like to listen, I want to know more.
Since the story has this miraculous magic, how can we use story thinking to sell our products, Make customers from I know this, I like it, I believe it, transit to the process I want to buy.

To pay out from the pocket of customers, you might need a good story-Ⅱ

1. I know – grab the user’s eyes with the story and spend 5 minutes understanding your product

Two cruel facts:
First, the user’s eyeball receives an average of more than 80,000 words per day, so users in this era have little patience;
Second, users themselves are extremely sensitive to advertising. Once they confirm that they only see the worn-out advertising slog, they may leave immediately.

So how do you get users to spend time understanding your product? Try story marketing:
We’d love to introduce a friend to you today, Rob.
Rob spent 8 years, from a small assistant to do the marketing director of the P & G brand in the Asia-Pacific region,handles hundreds of millions of dollar projects, with million salary a year. P & G made Rob a shampoo “geek.” At this time, however, his inner conflicts and anxiety are increasing. (The title is “Why people with annual salary of one million will choose a monthly salary of 10,000 dollars job?”)

This sunny boy, named Andy, was born in 1988. He was originally a well-known racing driver. After graduating only for three years, he became the senior management of a famous company. But two years ago, he decided to resign from his job and start selling something you absolutely couldn’t think of – sanitation napkin.

The annual salary of a million-dollar senior manager chooses a monthly salary of 10,000 dollars jobs. Big boys buy sanitary napkins, full of novelty and eye-catching.

Let continue tomorrow to talk about how to make people are fond of your products through a good story.
Single blade disposable razors agent best partner, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company exports disposable razors to the U.S, Canada, Italy, France, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Africa area, Malaysia, Pakistan and many countries globally. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.