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Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -Ⅳ

Application of AI in Retail Industry – Intelligent customer service

In the new retail area, the role of personalized smart customer service is indispensable. The application of smart customer service reduces the workload of human service and improves the efficiency of problem solving. In the past, smart customer service was used to resolve customer inquiries and complaints to the company. Only human and text responses were supported. Today, robot-assisted human collaboration can be used for millions of consumers and merchants at the same time, with advanced natural language processing capabilities and deep learning technologies.
For example, switch the user by one key, no mouse operation, and enter the keyword when responding to the message, it will automatically retrieve the common knowledge database and alternative answers for common words. The reception efficiency improved 2-3 times.

Smart customer service can also reply to more complex related issues, provide services such as modify orders, returns and refunds, and customize personalized product recommendations based on customer information to improve the shopping experience and traffic conversion and achieve customer service in the new retail era.

In March of 2017, Alibaba formally released the intelligent service robot “Dianxiaomi” which is an artificial intelligence customer service for millions of merchants in Taobao. Merchants can let “Dianxiaomi” replace some of the customer service, thereby reducing the workload of human customer service. During the “Double 11(singles’ day)” period in 2016, “Dianxiaomi” invited several Tmall flagship stores to participate in the internal testing, eventually receiving nearly a million consumers in one day, saving nearly half the service manpower, and the “Double 11” in 2017 break through 3 million in 1 day.

In 2016, Dianxiaomi mainly solves the problems encountered by consumers in refunds, disputes, etc. and provides users with a way to solve the problem immediately. In 2017, Dianxiaomi is more like a personal assistant of the user, such as being a shopping guide for private person, to bring new value to users.

For offline stores, smart customer service has also seen new leaps. With the rapid development of identification devices and sensing devices (such as sensing of goods have been moved, sensing of consumers’ walking movements), there will be voice shopping guides or robot shopping guides in the future. This is the reason now a lot of merchants have introduced intelligent voice speakers (Amazon ECHO, DingDong Smart Speaker). These speakers will have deep learning capabilities in the future and will use artificial intelligence to make voice interactions. They will replace offline shopping guides in the future.
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