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This article is still from McKinsey’s survey report: 12 trends in subverting the FMCG industry

7. E-commerce giants seized the opportunity
E-commerce giants will have a profound impact on FMCG companies. Due to the large number of passenger flows, they were able to further lower prices but also caused channel conflicts. European and American e-commerce giants have begun to try their own brands to compete directly with fast-moving consumer goods companies. Fast-moving consumer goods companies usually sell through intermediaries such as dealers and hypermarkets, and have low control over the final consumer. The e-commerce platform helps FMCG companies to achieve direct connections with consumers, providing opportunities for FMCG companies to change their voice in the value chain.

8.  Emerging retail channels such as convenience stores are on the rise
Younger generations of consumers are more inclined to take temporary rather than concentrated consumption. They don’t go to traditional retail channels like hypermarkets as the older generation do, and convenience stores adapt to this behavior change. Especially in China, with the help of various apps to combine online and offline, convenience stores are even more powerful in terms of reach and service consumers.

9.  Large retailers are squeezed
The rise of e-commerce giants and new retail channels has further squeezed the living space of traditional retail channels such as hypermarkets. In the past six years, the revenues of large retailers have been dead. Under the pressure, they also began to take the initiative to adopt the way such as the procurement alliance. But for FMCG companies, this will make large retailers a stronger trading partner.

10.  The rise of local competitors
The developing market still has huge growth potential. By 2025, these markets will still generate $11 trillion in sales. Local competitors are competing with international FMCG companies by more localized products, localized talent and faster decision making. International FMCG companies must make changes, and the core is to change the highly centralized decision-making model that is now widely adopted.

11.  Active investors continue to exert pressure
Investors will follow the pace of companies such as 3G, requiring FMCG companies to cut spending and adopt a business model that focuses on cost reduction. Many companies have taken action to withstand the pressure of proactive investors in this area.

12.  Increased trading competition
M&A will remain an important tool for market integration and an important basis for revenue growth. However, in some sectors (such as the over-the-counter market), competition between counterparties will become more intense at the time that high-quality assets are becoming scarce and the financing strength of private fund companies is becoming more and more strong.

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