Single blade disposable shaving blades manufacturer, since its establishment in 2009, Wangli Shaver Manufacutring Company has relied on unique geographical advantages and low labor costs to rapidly develop into a professional disposable razor manufacturer with 10,000 square meters of workshops, 160 workers and an annual output of 150 million sets disposable shavers. Our single blade razors, double-layer razors and triple-bladed razors have very good sale both at home and abroad, and mainly exported to the United States, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Malaysia, the Middle East and Africa area.

According to a report in the British “Daily Mail” on May 15, a new study shows that one-third of men’s work will be replaced by robots by 2050. The study called this discovery is disastrous The study was conducted by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Researchers say that low-skilled, low-income men between the ages of 25 and 54 will be replaced first. Researchers warn that the unemployment rate in some groups in the United States may reach 50%, such as young African-American male. A report last year found that machines can replace up to 800 million jobs in just 13 years.

Then, what kinds of manual laborers are most at risk of being replaced by robots, and in which industries do manual labor still needed? A report from November 2017 showed that predictable environments will be replaced by robots first, such as machine operators, fast food workers, mortgage loans, paralegal work, accounting, and back-office transaction processing; and unpredictable environments take the least risks, for instance gardeners, plumbers or children and aged care providers.

Whether to be replaced by robots or keep the job opportunities, men’s shaving face is a daily job. Wangli Shaver Manufacturing Company is a professional manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of disposable mens razor and women’s disposable shavers, mainly supply convenience stores, supermarket chains, personal care distributors, hotel disposable supplies and travel products wholesalers and other FMCG sales channels . We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.