Spa disposable hair removal wholesaler, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company specialized in producing and selling mens disposable shavers and women’s disposable razors, the product line covers 1 blade shaver, double blade razor and three blade shaving razor. Disposable toiletries are mainly apply to public bathing area, such as Spa center, sauna center, fitness center with bathroom, bathing house and so on. The use of disposable toiletries in these public bathing occasions not only maintains personal grooming, but also ensures hygienic health and prevents bacterial infections. If you are hotel or resort amenities wholesaler, personal care distributor, hypermarkets purchase, or convenient stores supplier, disposable razor is a great addition to your products line.

A few days ago, there’s a news said that a young man with thick hair went to the cosmetics shop to buy a depilatory cream and applied on his face, the result of facial hair follicle swelling and suppuration, his face was almost ruined.
The principle of depilatory cream is to dissolve hair through thioglycollate, but due to the similarity between the keratin protein of the skin surface and the glial protein of the hair, the hair removal cream will inevitably cause damage to the skin. It may not be obvious once or twice, but if it is used several times, there will be a damage to the skin.
Facial hair removal is most cautious, and it is recommended to use a women’s shaving razor or wax for hair removal around the lips. However, be aware that wax hair removal is performed when there are no small wounds on the face. Sensitive skin, please choose carefully, because wax hair removal will make the surrounding skin becomes red, friendship reminds that wax hair removal is a little pain.

The skin under armpit is relatively fragile and it is very easy to infect the bacteria if not handled properly. The most commonly method used may be hair removal cream. In fact, electric hair removal device is also a good choice. Keep the epilator close to the skin while removing hair and make it 90 degrees to the skin, moving in the direction of hair growth. This can relieves pain.

Arms and legs hair removal. The skin of the extremities is less squeamish than the armpits, but still should be careful to choose depilatory cream. Selecting a depilatory cream with a soothing ingredient can reduce chemical damage to the skin. Wax paper to remove hair and maintain it for a long time if not fear of pain. Ladies disposable razors are also ideal choice for arms and legs hair removal.
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