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Let’s continue the subject of women’s hair removal.
The history of women’s hair removal – The Morden Part

Times to the 18th century, the French inventor Jean Jacques Perret invented the world’s first safety razor, and humans have since entered the razor era. Although this type of razor was designed to facilitate men’s shaving, ladies also began to use the razor to shave body hair.

Into the 20th century, King C. Gillette invented the first modern double-edged safety razor, men’s shaving usher in a new era, but this razor was still for male, the purpose was mainly shave beards. Of course, there were some female shaving body hair by using their husband’s shaver.

A few years later, with the dressing style of the woman from conservative turned to open, sleeveless clothing appeared. More and more skin is exposed. In 1915, Gillette took the lead in launching women’s shaving razor Milady Décolleté’s to defuse the embarrassment of ladies underarms when wore a skirt in summer.

In the 1940s, World War II made American women shave their legs and became fashionable. Is there a relationship between war and leg hair? Yes, it is. During World War II, supplies were in short supply, including nylon for socks, so women no socks and it was indecent to reveal legs full with hair, then women began to scrape their legs. Before this, only people like ballet dancers and dancers would shave their legs for performance.

By the 1950s, women’s skirts were getting shorter and shorter. Under the promoting of Hollywood actresses, it was more and more common for women to shave their legs, underarms and clip lashes. At the same time, female-specific electric razors also appeared.

In 1946, Louis Réard, a French designer, released a stunning swimwear-bikini on the Paris fashion show. The popularity of bikini opened another door. Prior to the popularity of bikinis, modern women did not shave their private area, but wearing a bikini would not allow hair to be exposed. Thus, the hairs of private area have to be trimmed. Although different hair styles popular in different periods, the general principle is the same: it cannot be exposed.

In 1987, seven sisters from Brazil opened a hairdressing salon in New York called J Sisters and brought the Brazilian wax depilation to the United States. The Brazilian beeswax hair removal is specially used to remove the hair of women’s intimate parts. The hair wax is applied to the corresponding parts after heating and melting, and it is peeled off against the hair growth direction after cooling.

Today, women’s hair removal tools including shaving razor, hair removal with a depilatory cream, wax, and laser hair removal. But no matter what kind of method, it can not achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Compared to other hair removal methods, disposable razors are portable, clean and quick shaving, prices affordable, and to be allowed to carry in hand luggage by plane. There is a steady sales in women’s hair removal products, and a growing trend. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is specialized in the production and export of single blade, dual blade and 3 blade disposable razors. If you are beauty products wholesalers, hotel supplies distributors, personal care distributors or dealers who is interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.