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“Man Spa” is a general designation for men’s wellness programs for pressure reduction and spa health, which can enhance men’s taste and change their appearance.
Then, what should the SPA treatment program designed for men?
Thorough cleansing is the first priority for men’s skin care, so first remove the exfoliator on the back, remove the burden of dirt deposited on the skin, make the skin white and absorb nutrients. Then relax the tight muscles with a therapeutic massage to relax the body.The last step is a deep cleansing facial designed specifically for men’s skin.

For business men who travel frequently, and workaholics who work continuously, they often struggle with gravity and body clocks, their mental load increased and water loss speed up, and the blood circulation in the body is certain affected.
This type of man is recommended to do Spa like this. First, soak in a comfortable spa bath, soak in fine seaweed and aromatherapy essence, absorb minerals and release tiredness. Underwater massage stimulates blood circulation and prevent water loss, eliminating pressure and tension on long-distance travel and continuous work. Then, to infuse skin dynamism with facial moisturizing and nourishing treatments.

Men’s SPA Etiquette
1.Do not drink any alcoholic beverages 3 hours before SPA. Drink plenty of water before and after the SPA, most people do not have enough water every day, especially busy careless men.
2.To improve the sense of comfort, shaving should be performed before facial care.
3.It is advisable to take a shower before enjoying SPA, and enjoy the steam and sauna to fully relax your body and mind.
4.After the completion of the massage, it is recommended that the essential oil can be washed after two hours so that the skin can fully absorb the essence.

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