Surgery disposable hair removal in bulk wholesale by Wang Li Shaver Manufacturing Company. We supply single blade razors, double-layer razors and triple-bladed razors worldwide. Disposable razor owns a stable market share in shaving products for it’s portable, hygienic, healthy and economic. It’s the essential products for supermarket chain, personal care distributor, hotel guestroom toiletries and any other small commodities wholesaler. We are ISO9001 factory with 10,000 square meters pants, 160 staff, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 sets automatically assembly machines, 4 sets packing machines and annual output reach 150 million sets disposable shavers.

In previous articles have repeatedly mentioned the use of AI in retail, beauty, and tattooing. Predictably, in the future, artificial intelligence(AI) will no longer be cutting-edge technology, but will become a ubiquitous infrastructure. So what are the aspects of artificial intelligence that already or are affecting the human world?

  • In the field of health care, artificial intelligence applications have become very widespread. From the perspective of application scenarios, they are mainly divided into virtual assistants, medical imaging, drug discovery, nutrition, biotechnology, emergency room/hospital management, health management, mental health, and wearable devices, risk management and pathology. There are a total of 11 in this field.
  • In the area of smart investment: The simplest logic is the use of artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis. The robot combines investors’ financial status, risk preferences, financial goals, etc. to provides tailored asset portfolio recommendations for investors through established data models and back-end algorithms.
  • In the field of smart education: through the picture search for online questioning and automatic correction of the job, etc., with the help of intelligent image recognition technology, when the problem is encountered, students only need to use the mobile phone to take photos and upload to the cloud server. The system can feedback the answer and problem-solving ideas in one to two seconds. In addition, there are voice assessment software that can quickly assess the pronunciation and point out where the pronunciation is incorrect.
  • In the field of smart legal affairs: accumulate data through contractual tools to provide companies with legal solutions based on big data and artificial intelligence.
  • In the field of smart driving: This is currently the hottest application area, through artificial intelligence technology to liberate manpower and reduce the rate of traffic accidents. Smart driving in the future will make our travel more secure and intelligent.
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