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In the previous article, we talked about the development of ancient shaving tools. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the invention of electric power, and the ever-changing information technology, shaving tools have witnessed the rapid development of modern science and technology.

The history of human shaving – The Morden Part

At the end of the 18th century, the French inventor Jean Jacques Perret invented the world’s first safety razor – a wooden handle mounted on a folding razor.
The design of the razor is constantly evolving, and by the early 19th century, Sheffield Safety Razor appeared. This handy, foldable safety razor marked the beginning of modern shaving tools. However, this type of razor is not very well controlled, and it is usually done by a professional barbers. The razors can still be seen in some barber shops.

By 1880, the Kampfe brothers registered the patent for the world’s first safety razor and introduced it to the market. At the edge of the blade, a guard net and a scraping blade were added to make it possible to shave at home.
The safety razor that was invented by the Kampfe brothers was good, but there was a problem that the cutter head had to be removed and polished frequently to keep the blade sharpness.

In 1895, King C Gillette, a travel salesman at the time, thought of the problem. In 1901, with the help of MIT professor William Nixon, Gillette invented the first modern dual-edged safety razor. As the technology matures, the Gillette shaver continues to improve, the blade becomes thinner, sharper and it will not get rust, the number of blades were increasing to 5 layers, and the cartridge can be rotated. Various innovations have greatly improved the shaver cleanliness, comfort and safety of manual razors. At the same time, Gillette has also become the leader in the field of manual razors.
In 1928, Colonel Jacob Schick designed the first electric shaver and obtained a patent. There was an electric motor in the razor handle. A rotary cutter head was connected via a transmission device and needed to be plugged in sockets.
In 1937, Schick sold over 1.5 million sets of electric razors, opening up the significant potential for “dry shaving” market.
In the first 30 years of the development of electric shavers were connected wires usage, users must ensure that there are sockets around. To the 1960s, there have been wireless electric shavers, built-in rechargeable batteries, this innovation let the electric shaver has become a portable tool.

The continuous innovation of shaving tools has greatly saved our time and improved the comfort of shaving. Behind the innovation may be a person’s paranoia or a group of people’s efforts, and the razor is just a microcosm of the development of science and technology, looking forward to the future shaver bringing us more incredible.
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