Tattoo disposable hair removal supplier, Wang Li Shaver Manufacturing Company established in 2009 by Mr. WangLi, it’s a professional manufacturer of manual plastic disposable shaving razors. The product line covers 1 blade, 2 blades and 3 blades disposable razors for men and women. Our disposable shaver is mainly sold at home and exported to Middle East, The United State, Italy, France Russia and Africa etc.
Disposable razor as one of the supply products for supermarket, we manufacturers will naturally pay attention to the developing trend of the supermarket. In the next few days, we will see the current application of high technology in the retail industry and its future development.

Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -I

The retail industry is one of the industries most sensitive to new technologies. It can often respond quickly to market iterations and actively use new technologies. This has made the retail technology revolution waves surging.
Traditional shopping methods and e-commerce can no longer meet people’s new consumer demands. Technology is widely used. New technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and virtual reality (VR) are playing a key role in new retail sales, that has caused the retail industry undergone earth-shaking changes, giving people an unprecedented shopping and consumption experience. It can be said that the new retail revolution is essentially a revolution in new retail technologies.
– Big Data is responsible for collecting and analyzing consumer behavior information, providing basic support for enterprise’s reverse customization and retailer’s precision marketing;
– Cloud computing breaks data silos between various sites, and designs and solves low-cost solutions for manufacturing and supply chain output;
– Internet of Things forms rapid linkage and collaboration among offline points, offline and online points, facilitating seamless connection and continuous transfer between the production end, sales end, and logistics end;
– VR creates multi-dimensional consumer scenarios and realistic virtual experiences Accelerate the rapid formation of online purchasing decisions.

At the same time, from the use of POS machines, barcodes, embedded RFID technologies, 3D printing applications, robots, and the reconstruction of e-commerce thermal and O2O models, the retail industry has been adept at applying a variety of new technologies to various applications and requirements.

All these new technologies actually center around one core, namely, AI artificial intelligence, which aims to “intelligently” penetrate all technologies, all technologies to achieve and serve “intelligence” as the ultimate goal, and together to help achieve the “new retail” goal.

IDC predicts that AI is expected to become the focus of new retail development in the next 10 years or even longer; the rapid development of AI has embedded a smart “brain” for the retail industry; intelligence will become the main direction for the transformation and upgrading of the retail industry and decisive battlefields.
Artificial intelligence will achieve partial manual and effective replacement of production, supply and distribution. Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2025, AI will save $54 billion in annual costs for the global retail industry and $41 billion in new revenue over the same period.
There are many scenes of the current AI landing retail industry. Wise stores, smart storage and logistics, intelligent marketing and experience, smart customer service and intelligent virtual experience are the five mature applications.
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