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Tattoo is not only long-established but also prevalent in all parts of the world. From the frigid Arctic (Maori in New Zealand) to the Southern Hemisphere (Samoans of Western Samoa); from Africa (Sudan, Indigenous People of Liberia, and Makundians of Tanzania ) to the Americas (Indians of the Chaco region); from Asia (Nigrida of the Philippines, Dayaks of Indonesia) to Oceania (Indigenous peoples of the Marshall Islands); from plains, mountains to seas, islands; Whites, blacks, yellows and reds, tattoo as a means of survival. They are inherited and continue to perfect. So rather than saying that it is a culture, it is more of an art, an art that is carved on the body.

As early as the primitive human period, ancient people at that time would use white mud or fuel to draw patterns on their bodies and faces. One of its functions is to beautify oneself and the other is to scare the enemy away. Tattooing is a reflection of the primitive society’s respect for totems and decorative arts.

There are various tattoo customs around the world. Tattoos may have begun in the Stone Age 14,000 years ago. The pyramids of Egypt are the first evidence of history. There are mummies that have been stored for more than four thousand years, there are prominent tattoo masterpieces on every man and woman nobleman. Tattoos were used to classify social status in ancient Egypt.

This art is circulated throughout the ancient world. Crete, Greece, Persia, Arabs, and even two thousand years BC traveled through Asia to China and Burma.
Twenty-five hundred years ago, the emigrated Xiayi people brought tattoos from China to Japan made the tattoo develop into a highly art in Japan—with its beautiful design, sharp colors and unique three-dimensional form.

Victorian women in the UK were popular in the red of the lips, similar to the modern beauty methods of permanent make-up such as lips tattooed and eyebrows tattoos.

The earliest tattoos in Japan were tattooed on the face, and 2,500 years ago, the emigrated Xiayi people took tattoos to Japan, making the tattoos develop into a high art in Japan. Around 300 BC, mythical heroes and warriors often tattooing fish, dragons, and tigers patterns. These patterns are often surrounded by regular waves (plate fog), stripes, and flowers (including: Cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, and peony flowers are mostly Ukiyo-e style.

The predecessor of tattoos in China was named “Ciqing”. The stained-ink needles were used to penetrate the body. Patterns were mostly dominated by the socially climates like troops and dragons and tigers. Many people did it in prison, because tattoos ink is not a special tattoo pigment and only in black color. With the passage of time, the color will be blue and indigo, so it’s called “Ciqing”(means needling and indigo). Since the pre-Qin era, tattoo on prisoner’s face was a warning.
In ancient books, there have been stories about tattoos. For example, the famous story of YueFei, the national hero of the Song Dynasty, his mother tattooed “serving the motherland with selfless loyalty” on his back. So the tattoos began to slowly depart from the part of the penalties to make people have a negative impression of tattoos, and evolved into a kind of personal decoration.

In many cultures, tattoos is a tradition, but also a symbol of social class and status. We will be continued next article.
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