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Today we are talking about interesting tattooing customs around the world:
The Nigerian people in Africa like the logo of their tribal tattoos. Some swords are engraved on their foreheads, some have horizontal knife marks, some have scorpions on their faces, and some have roosters.

The Luo people in southern Sudan initially used animal designs such as “Tsing Lung”, “White Tiger”, “Lion”, and “Vulture” as totem markers for each tribe, and were drawn on the face, arms, and body. Later, the worship of totems gradually disappeared, but tattoo tattoos were still used as a decoration of beauty.
The Tiwi people in Australia don’t wear clothing and cover their lower body with a cloth band or gauze. They like to paint various colored patterns on the naked part.
The shortest Pygmies in the world, women consider tattooing faces are beauty. They also pierce the lips and plug in a bunch of reeds protruding outward, and hang a string of colorful beads around their necks.

Bakutu men in Burma needling various colored patterns on the abdomen for decoration.
New Zealand Maori tattooed the skin with a curved needle,raise the skin, and pare the raised skin by a blade; all the lines were painted and the scar was peeled off, the patters formed.

The Koper people of South America’s Amazon River love nude tattoos, piercing their lips and ears, putting on beads, and decorating their mouth rings. The length of the mouth ring also marks the level of social status.

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